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An Aroma Awakening!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I've always loved the smell of essential oils and fresh herbs. The organic scents encourage me to continue to live a healthy and clean life. So when I discovered DayBreak Lavender Farm, I felt good that I was adding a new, fresh organic and natural line of body and skin products to my arsenal:
Fresh Cut Lavender Blooming Aroma Soap- There's nothing like a fresh face cloth and sudsy bar of soap!! This Hand crafted soap boast ingredients such unrefined shea butter, Grade A olive oil, and essential oils of French, Bulgarian, and high altitude lavenders. Its so creamy and leaves no residue on the skin. Plus the bar itself is a creamy white with pretty swirls of purple. I cut mine in half to get more uses out of it.

Fresh Lavender Body Silk- After bathing I treated my body to this great light moisturizer. The lavender scent stayed consistent with the soap unlike some matching body washes and lotions where one smells different than the other. It only takes a little for a lot of softness!!

Fresh Lavender Vodka Splash- Yes I said Vodka! Jody Byrne, the founder of this phenomenal company explained to me that,"On the Splash, you might say "Vodka??" And you wouldn't be alone! Well the reason is that Lavender is not an overwhelming scent and when I used perfumer's alcohol, all you could smell was the alcohol and the poor lavender got totally lost. I thought, what is odorless and will evaporate nicely on the skin??? And Vodka came to mind and it's a wonderful ingredient -- totally chemical free and organic from potatoes -- to use in a splash." What a great concept!!! I sprayed it on my sheets, pillows, and the couch in the living room! I literally worn this splash day and night since Thursday. I even sprayed it on my black pashmina before I wrapped it around my neck on rainy Friday.

The DayBreak Lavender Farm also specializes in great organic and natural skin care. I'll have a review of that later on this week!

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