Study Day Wasted Away!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Face of the Day!:

Maybelline Pure Makeup in Caramel
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
mark Toute Sweet Whipped Creme Eye Shadow in Flourish
mark Comb Out Mascara
mark Glow Baby Glow Luxe in Gold Luxe

Scent of The Day!:
mark Instant Vacation Post tanning Lotion and mark Instant Vacation Cologne Spray

Hey! Well it's GRE study day( Wed and Fri) and I'm blogging:) And waiting on the Geek Squad to come in network my mom's two computers because her magna cum laude graduating arse can't and she got to pay some to do it. She got me at home waiting for dude when I could be sipping a Caramel Frap,listening to Maysa,and studying sentence completion.He's suppose to be here at 2 p.m.If he doesn't come by 2:30.I'm out. Happy Mother's Day Ma! Hopefully UPS will show up with my Amazon order of the Amel Larrieux album and the book New York's 50+ Best Little Shops. My girlfriends' and I are planning a Diva weekend in November to New York. Now two of us have been there( T. and me,I think) but we both have family from there or still there and didn't really get the New York by tourist experience. My relatives live in Queens and hate the "city" and rather go out to Long Island for shopping, etc. Butthe only place we really want to go is H&M!I have got to start to save my money any way.I'm not a good saver.

I heard that Oprah is suppose to set in on Hot Topics on The View friday.I can't wait.I wonder if Soror Star will be present.She said this morning her grandfather's b'day was the weekend and she was going to be out of town.O and Star,same table, I don't know how to feel about that.

Can anyone tell me what is going to happen to Joan on Girlfriends? I'm lost and is Maya going to Florida with Darnell and Lynn,she didn't even have a story line.?!But the best thing is that Toni got her baby!I started cry.:(

Well I said in the last post that I would give a wishlist of goodies I wanted out of Sephora 2006 Summer Catalog:
Marc Jacobs Splash 2 in Rain
Stila Baked Shadow in Bronze Glow
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisterizer
Laura Mercier Gilded Bronzing Book
Sephora Superstars Super Sheen Bronzing Mist
Bliss Slim Pickings Set
Flower by Kenzo Summer

It's not lot.It's actually less than what I picked out of their holiday book:).

Check out the lastest Lucky mag with Tyra on the cover(let's see...that 3 black girls in all now Lucky editors?(Ashanti,Alicia keys,Tyra)).I love her beauty picks.For the self proclaimed "Queen of Cheap" she doesn't scrimp!

later!!(As Tyra would say)