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Say Yes To...

Friday, May 02, 2008

Top Ten Things That Jamie wants you to say Yes to:

Cheesecake( especially those small Eli's Cheesecakes we got @ LeLion!)

Unplugging things you don't use to save energy (ex: toaster,can opener).

Using the cute reusable totes you get at the supermarket( If the Piggly Wiggly AKA "Da Pig" got them now, You need use them.).

Being yourself in a small town( yay me!!).

Being picky about who your friends and associates are after you turn 30+.

Acting 30+. You know who you are. lol!

Kicking that dude to the curb with NO EXCUSES

Turning off the TV...for a little while.

Shopping for clothes, shoes wherever you want.( ex: Goodwill, the Sal, Marshalls,Kohls,Ross,Yard Sales,your Mom's closet,etc. Nobody will know unless you tell them.).

Yes To Carrots C is Smooth Body Moisturizing Lotion!

The 'Burg got a new Walgreens, so I decided to go in tho see if they got that European Collection Line. They don't.:( But they have Weleda and the Yes To Carrots lines. I eyed some of the YTC facial products but the prices were to too much for my pockets. I'll wait til they have a weekly special or sale ad on it. But I did pick up the Body Lotion that is almost unscented, lightweight but packs a punch in moisturizing. It's perfect for the summer scents I have that don't have matching body cremes or lotions.

Most of the week its been in my car for when I look at my hand in the morning and need some lotion!

Update!!!!! The Walgreens on Reidville Rd in the 'Burg has the European Collection and two more Walgreens in Greenville and...Gaffney and Lancaster(?...if you are from SC you are surprised too), too. I'll be going tomorrow.:)


May Prayer and BigGyrl Fab Outfit 05/02/2008!...

It's May already? And it's May 2nd? Where was I yesterday? At the Le Lion immersed in Butner Totes of HBC for 8 hours. And I went to Winthrop for 4 1/2 long years for WHAT NOW( I think I asked myself this everyday of my life)?

Let us pray...Thank you Lord, for the gift of employment that yields a paycheck that I'm able to pay bills, keep the kids fed, safe, and clean, and pull things through the rough times. You are the best thing that has ever happen to me and I love you. I would like to one day in life pursue my passion whenever I figure out what it is. I pray for that too, to be revealed what it really is( I think I know). But I truly believe in due season that your will be done in my life and the harvest will be abundant. I love you so much Lord! Amen!

Now that the blessings have been said( lol!). Here's my outfit:
Top: Belk
Pants: It's Fashion
Tank: Old Navy
Necklace and Bangles:This N' That is da 'Burg AKA Sparkle City
Shoes: Almost Pink ( for $5 I might add..)

Close up of the necklace( I love heart jewelry) at my favorite $1 jewelry spot...This N' That and a manicure courtesy of me:).

Just eyebrows, mascara, and lipgloss and foundation...Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation!