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The Wednesday Haul

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Today I hit the Avon store and got the new Bohista fragrance by mark.It's "a earthy blend of of ginger lily, magnolia,and chocolate. Yummy!! I also got the Bohista Suedeshadow Quad and Lip Gloss Quad. I haven't tested the eyeshadows but the lip glosses are so nice. First, they smell like cotton candy, taste sweet and look beautiful in their palette. I put on the bronze( there two bronzes but the other has a red highlight to it.). I also picked up Milk Made Milk Bath Milk.Now this was discontinued back in 2003 but this Avon store had some for 2.50 a box. The bath milk packets make the water look like milk. Avon used to make one that water looked like chocolate milk and smelled like chocolate!!

I also did the usual Wal-Mart run of diapers,baby wipes and toddler clothes. I mean my boys are growing out of every thing I buy them. But I got for myself Caress original soap( smells like my Granny), Caress Cashmere Luxury Silkening Bath Wash and Caress Glowing Touch Bath Wash. Both of the washes are new Caress products. They smell divine and can't wait to use them. Well off to watch ANTM!


Confessions of Birthday Hater

I have a confession to make:
My birthday is Saturday and I hate my birthday. Not because I'm getting older(I'll be 29) but I always get my hopes up to have a great day and it doesn't turn out that way. Now I'm not the one to have parties for myself or hope that someone will throw me one or ask my friends and family for ridiculous things like out of town trips and dinners they can't afford or gifts I don't need. I just want my family and my sanity to be intact. Last year right before my birthday my dad was diagnosed with cancer. 2004: my children were preemies in Neonatal Intensive Care. 2003: spent the entire day alone. 2002: my boyfriend at time and I were on the outs. 2001: I was working the entire day. 2000: my best friend got married on my birthday.Sounds like the millenium won't give me a break.:) But there is good news.I'm planning a Sephora haul with any birthday money I get, I don't have to work, and going to Kanpai of Spartanburg with my mom and children for lunch. So there is light it the end of the birthday tunnel.


Mini Review:Lumene Firming Day Cream and Night Cream

About two weeks ago I purchased mini sample sizes of Lumene Firming Day Cream and Firming Night Cream. I will have to say that the Night cream is great.It leaves your skin really smooth and you don't wake up in the morning with a oil spill all over your face. My only problem is the smell and 'firming'. It smells like I'm rubbing Elizabeth Arden Red Door all over my face. No offense to Red Door( I know only one person that can wear that, my LS Shannan and it smells good on her) but I don't like it. The 'firming' aspect,I didn't notice any difference in my skin. I know,I'm 28, but I would think that my pores would get smaller at least.

The Day Creme is definetly a 'thumbs down'. It's way to oily for the day and my combination skin and of course the perfume-y smell and the non-firming effect added makes it a no buy. I guess I will not be buying full sizes of neither product.:( I would only recommend these cream to someone with dry skin and who can take the smell and doesn't want to risk spending a lot of money on a department store/specialty store moisterizer.