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Lighter Brows: Sally Hansen Extra Strength Crème Hair Bleach........

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A couple months ago, I decided that my eyebrows needed a ‘lift’, so went to CVS and picked up Sally Hansen Extra Strength Crème Hair Bleach. I knew I was going to need EXTRA STRENGTH…lol!...I have that kinda hair.

Here’s what my brows look like after I’ve shaped them up. I did the shaping about 2 days before the bleaching. You can also do the shaping afterwards.

Here’s where my problems come in. The directions say the maximum 8 minutes. Eight minutes for my brows didn’t do anything. Nada. I figured out that a carefully timed 16 minutes, double the max time, does the job. Now, I need ‘somebody’ to go back in the lab on this one.*looks around*

Even though the bleach doesn’t give my brows an even color (some hairs are lighter than others), it sets a base for a lighter brow fill which I like. Lighten brows open your face up. If you are not a kitchen sink beautician like me, I would suggest going to a professional.:)


Diary of Nouveau Nappyhead: New Wig....Wig in a Box/Urban Beauty/JBS Hair in Monica....

In a effort to step up the wig wardrobe( remember, its a beauty resolution), I got Monica at one of my local BSS'. The dude gave me 15 % off her and it was already 19.99. Deal, right?! lol

This how she looks out the box but I cute her bangs to fit my forehead and I cut the back too. It was looking little like a bowl cut, so I shaped it up....
Sorry, so greasy....I took this last night.
Its cute with accessories like headbands...but not by herself....