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To keep or not to keep...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

So...yesterday I was on the lovely Blogdorf Goodman doing the weekly poll, when the question was asked:

"You almost had it:"

So Annie tells a story about a Marc Jacobs bag she missed by a day. And I tell in the comments my LeSportsac bag story that I was broke when I saw it last week and hope that it is still there. I asked everyone for good bag karma. Well...It was still there!! Damn Spartanburg! If that had been the Marshall's in Rock Trillzle( Rock Hill) or Charlotte, it would have been gone. Here it is in the pic. Now it was only 19.99 but now I'm having second thoughts. It's one of there "tribeca totes" so it will not fit under my arm and I will be "toting" it. That's my only situation and that there's another bag out there...better. Why can't I run up on any Tokidoki bags at Marshall's? I need your help!! Let me know what you think I should do...keep it or return?