The Way It Is...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hey chicas,

I 'm sorry that I've been ghost. I got little promotion at work( I got my own desk AND some awesome Reference projects to work on!) so I haven't had much to talk about unless its how many sets of literture encyclopedias can a library have! Any way, I'm patiently waiting on Keyshia Cole:The Way It Is and Project Runway. I think I'll fix a cup of tea and piece of Momma's banana cake and watch it. I love Keysh's show. Her CD got me through the last year. I feel like she wrote every song for me.:) . Project Runway, I watch because I love Tim Gunn's comments. He is such a fashion intellicual. He speaks design in such a way,I want to "make it work"!

On Tia's new post, she rapping about Lola's wedding and suggested MAC Spite as a great nude gloss. Ladies, I might have travel for this one. Plus I might pull out some of those green shadows I got.

Blogdorf Goodman has been doing awesome "Rock The Gloss" Challenge every day. It's making rethink lipgloss and lipstick in a different way. I think I'll do a Eyeshadow Challenge. If you chicas want to join, you are ever so welcome.I would love to see what you are wearing each day for seven days. We'll start tomorrow.

Love ya!