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Diary of Nouveau Nappyhead: The Early Big Chop....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Yep... She's back!! The natural hair is once again gracing the earth again after over a year of suffocating in a relaxer. I didn't feel liberated or stronger when a BC'd it...but relieved. That damn relaxer was hell to keep up, even at my cheapest tricks to do it.

I chopped about a month early than I promised myself. I said the first of the year but when I washed my hair Saturday and looked at those busted relaxed ends, I said "enough!"

This the first BC I've had that I actually have length. The previous three or four I've done have been straight low fades but through the help of the info on blogs and hair boards I was able to transition out to some length and cut it off by myself. I think that made a difference too. I went to my own head with the scissors, so cut off what I wanted to.
Sunday night, I did some small double strands twists with gel and my oil mixture( shea butter,olive oil and coconut oil) and it gave me this cute textured look.
I'm pretty happy with it....i will occasionally throw that wig back on on a bad day, though. Still looking for new wig for good measure.:)


NOTD: NK ( Nicka K) Lime.....

Happy Monday!!!

Today I'm wearing NK ( Nicka K) Lime( cost $1.00)...loving it:) Two coats and its completely opaque....( with flash)
Without Flash.....
With final design on the ring finger:)