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N.O.T.D. Essie Midnight Cami...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

I've been sick all weekend with a cold/ H1N1 flu/Bronchitis/The Plague. I tried to self diagnose but can't pinpoint it. Oh well, I'll treat like a cold and nurse/pray/sweat/drink myself back to health. Even though I had a rough weekend, I'm happy!! Perhaps it was that Codeine cough medicine I just!!!

I decided to stop into Trade Secret on my way to get my kids Sunday. Bad decision. They had the Essie Fall 2009 Collection but it was all sold out except this lone Midnight Cami. Why? They were having a BOGO Free sale on all Essie.

I'm on the fence with Midnight Cami...I compared it to Zoya Indigo and O.P.I. Russian Navy. They both are more glittery but Midnight Cami is bit more subdued, no glitter and its super glossy almost jelly-like. It looks black from a distance....


Video: The $3 Beauty and Clothing Haul....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sorry for the shakiness, blurry-ness, and sound...sigh.

$3 Haul...check it out!


Review:Tarte Lifted Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hi Everyone!!

Thanks to the folks at Tarte...I got the opportunity to try Lifted Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol. It's literally my very first'real' eye primer. I've been using L'Oreal H.I.P. Paint in Commanding as my primer so trying out Lifted was greatly appreciated:) LOL!

-even though it looks like its not my color of my lid it blended in well into my skin. Very universal.

-My eye shadow( cheap and expensive) held on for HOURS. I mean HOURS. I didn't crease and my look would still intact at night when it was time to wash my face. I'm now a believer in 'real' primers.

-A little goes a long way. I dabbed with the dough-foot applicator and then blended all of the eye with my finger.
I think this will last for a minute, long as I screw the top on good:).

-it contains Firmitol...
'clinically-tested, patented, multi-ingredient “performance matrix” combines GABA, purslane extract, ginseng extract and centella asiatica extract for an instant wrinkle reducing effect.'

-I thought that it firmed my lid a little. I watched over the last week for the results and really didn't see a 'wrinkle reducing'. I do have a bit of creasing in the outer corners but that can't be wrinkles. I'm 31(!?!?!?!) But I watched for firming on the lid...not much changed.


If you don't invest in anything, and you are cheap and broke like me, invest in Tarte's Lifted!


RG Project: More Nicka K NK Hi-Def Eyeshadows...

Monday, August 24, 2009

I picked up three more of the NK HD eye shadows for $1.49. It's so hard, I'm so impressed by these one dollar and two quarters eye shadows that I'm so tempted to buy them all! There actually about 40 colors...I thought 60, but 40 is more close.

This is 3039( hot satiny pink), 3037( a matte black) and 3034 ( a light satiny blue)...

I did this look for church. I want match my shirt! lol! I needed to feel alive and well on Sunday morning, go in that sanctuary VIBRANT!!

I also dug up KLS eye shadow in Plush Peridot. Its a insane yellow-green color...I mean this is the jewel of this now defunct collection!....I bought this when they tons of KLS at my TJ MAXX...

Its uneven...I'm still a work in a progress...

But, its look better with eyes open! lol! I did the eyes first and just added a bit of powder foundation and a light lip gloss...nothing to compete with the eyes...

Shopping My Stash:NYX Blush and Eye Shadow in Copper

After seeing Kia of Yummy411 do a swatch of NYX Copper Blush, I went home and dug up my blush and eyeshadow with SAME name. The eyeshadow is darker than the blush and appeared to BRAND NEW and UNUSED...sigh....

I did little face with both on Saturday and I have to say I like both together!! The Copper blush is like a golden bronze and highlighted the cheeks well. The Copper eye shadow was an intense like a new penny...:)

Well, maybe like a penny from the! Awesome day look.:)

Beautiful Podcast:

Friday, August 21, 2009

I found the podcast via iTunes...but you can also watch all the podcasts via video on the website, Dr. Neil Schultz gives great explanations on skin issues and advice on how to treat them. I haven't been to a dermatologist since college, so this is great to watch! Check it out. I posted one of my recent favorites on Dry skin vs. Dandruff...


Review: MAC Sumptous Olive...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Miss Kim gave me MAC Sumptuous Olive after she bought TWO of them by mistake! lol! I worked it out this morning before taking the boys to school...
I did the Sumptuous Olive in the inner corners to the middle, then worked a black shadow on the outer eyes and finished it off with a vanilla color on the brow bone...Love it!!


Shopping My Stash: MAC Fluidline in Macroviolet....

I swapped for MAC Fluidline in Macroviolet on MUA about a year ago and had yet to really see how it performs...I took a concealor brush and applied Macroviolet like a base then did a purple e/s out of a Santee palette I have. Then I use NYX White e/s as a highlight...

Macroviolet didn't move off my eye all day...Those MAC Fluidlines are great eye shadow bases, even though I only own one. lol!

I took this photo like 6 hrs after putting my makeup on, so excuse my that pretty dark lavender...Wonder if I put a black pigment on top of Macroviolet what would happen...hmmmm....

Zoya MatteVelvet Collection and N.O.T.D Zoya Loredana....

I just knew I wasn't going to fall into the Matte Nail Polish trend...I knew it!! I mean, I own one matte nail polish( its a Sinful Colors polish, forgot the name) and it sucks, so I just thought I would try to ignore this Fall Beauty trend...

Then that Zoya 5000 offer rolled around on Twitter and it was too hard to resist!!! So, I picked the three Zoya MatteVelvet in Loredana, Dovima, and Posh....

Today I'm wearing Loredana and I love it!!! It's more of a velvety sheen than pure matte. You still get some gloss but it pulls off the matte look. Its a good breakway from all the tropical colors I've been wearing on my nails this summer and has me wanting Fall to show!! The only negative I will say about the Loredana color is that its THICK. I thought it might be old, how thick and streaky it went on. Make sure ya'll screw tops on good, Zoya. MMMMkkkay?


Shopping My Stash: L'Oreal Colour Riche in Target Red...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday!! Hope everyone had a good weekend...I did:) tried out of alot of new recipes( check out Fatback&Sushi in bit:)) and hung out:) and relaxed. This is the first week of school for my boys. They start kindergarten, their birthday is the 18th and I'm excited!!

I dug up L'Oreal Lipstick in Target Red for my Sunday "Best". I've worn this many times but this time seemed like absolute perfection! Really...I put on MAC Currant lip liner, blended it in, then Target Red. It's like I've been waiting ALL MY BEAUTY ADDICTED LIFE for the perfect red lipstick...and I had worn it before! lol!
I have been searching all over the web and I don't know if Target stills sells this. I bought it with the matching liner included back in 2006 0r 2007. I have no idea where the liner is...

***I kept taking my earrings on and off while taking these pictures...I decided to do "me" and not wear any. I felt over accessorized around the head area...ok...proceed***

I also found this hair accessory after my brand new Elasta QP Setting Foam spilled in the bottom of a drawer. Why hadn't worn this? Its so cute!!

Review: Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Here's a quick review on Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner. I finally caved after the hair boards and hair you tuber peer pressure ( K.I.S.S., Hairlista...:)).They got the best of me. I picked both up for under $6.00 at Target....
HE Long Term Relationship Conditioner


-Creamy texture, not watery. HE LTR Condish is good in the shower when your hands are wet and it doesn't slip through your fingers or out of your hands...I didn't have to 'chase' it!

-Of course it softened my hair, its conditioner( shrugs shoulders).


-I hate the smell. Smells like Freesia, which can't stand. I thought about adding some scented essential oils, but i didn't want to mess up the product and how it works. But smell is like cheap Freesia bath products you get in a holiday set...yuck....

HE Long Term Relationship Leave In Conditioner


-it only takes a little of the product to cover my hair which means I will get alot of use out of one bottle. Huge money saver....:)

-I like thick Leave In's like this one. It makes me roller sets soft and I feel secure that every strand is cover well when its thick textured.

-I like the packaging. The pump action is great!


-It has the same smell as HE LTR Conditioner...hate the smell...Freesia, ugh!!!


Review: Nicka K NK Hi-Def Eye Shadows...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi All!!

I picked up these Nicka K Hi-Def Eye Shadow singles at my local BSS after eyeing them for a while. At this particular store, there is an entire display, about 30 colors to choose from at only $1.49 a shade, so you know you girl had to pace herself!! lol!!

I grabbed 3020,3021 and names just numbers.

The pigment is super intense. When I used my MAC 213 brush to apply, the shadow picks up like a loose powder, but there is no fall- out and one layer is all your need. The blending is phenomenal, with the right brushes and technique:)

This is 3023, the black shade. Its kinda holographic, that is, it looks black, goes on rich dark blue but you step back and its a smoky grey...for $1.49.

This is 3020, the green shade....this more true to the shade you see, a very intense apple green

This 3021, the blue shade. Can't have enough blue shadow, I tell ya.... :)
I FEENIN' for more of them! But, the other colors are shades that look like I already have them.They all look like satin shadows, and I need more mattes.I would love create a palette with some of the colors. But at $1.49... I could possible buy all of them for the cost of Dior palette( no offense to my Dior lovers...). haha!

Tuesday's Interview Look....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

People who REALLY know me, know that POLISHED is not in my vocab. I'm usually big hair, big earrings, eyeshadow to the rafters, big purse, no where near conservative or polished. But, in order to get that PAPER, I clean up and I clean up well, even my mother agrees and.... she doesn't like ANYTHING I do.

So I went on my 1,o00,000 interview since becoming unemployed( no, seriously, its like number #25 or something, that's another story, maybe for Fatback & Sushi, eh?) and this my F.O.T.D.

I even did a boring ass French Manicure to match...actually I liked the just needs jazzing up:) ( N.O.T.D. idea perhaps????)
( need to do my brows...*sigh*) I used one of my Santee palettes and mascara and blah blah blah...I didn't write any of it down.

Hair bunned. simple jewelry. black suit......

Super-Duper Korres Finds!!....

Monday, August 10, 2009

I was bumping around the 'Burg last week and dipped into Marshalls to see what was good in their Beauty section. Even though were TWO people stocking the beauty was beginning to look like a 'Fail' til' I saw...

Oh Gah!! I've looking for this Korres Body Butter FOREVER. It has a unique smell. I can't put my finger on it but it reminds me of a hair moisturizer with a powdery dry down. I know that doesn't sounds very good, but when you put it on, its smells AMAZING....

Now I have Fig, Quince, and a small tube of Guava...currently hunting a big thing of Guava...:)

I also went over the new TJMAXX in the 'Burg( it ain't new, they just moved it...but it looks 'newer' inside in the 'new' location lol!) and rolled up on Korres Body Milk in Vanilla Cinnamon and Bitter Almond Shower gel....

For $1 a piece!!! AMEN!!!I love Vanilla Cinnamon Body Milk. It's perfect for the fall/winter and the Bitter Almond shower gel rocks in sudsy glory...sigh....I love finding great beauty buys!!!

N.O.T.D: Essie Foot Loose and Essie Fall 2009 Collection...

Friday, August 07, 2009

Well, I dug Essie Foot Loose out the 'crates'! I didn't realize how pretty a raspberry shade it was( or that I even OWNED this). I did a little design just to punch it up....

Gasp!! Look at the new Essie for the Fall 2009 I spotted in the September Lucky!! I got my eye on the Midnight Cami and Mink Muffs. I can't wait til it cools down and fall begins:)

Shopping My Stash:Smashbox Fusion Eye Shadow in Smashing Sequence...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I bought Smashbox Fusion Eye Sequence in Smashing Sequence from Sephora as part of a kit in ....2005.

LOL! I know it should be in the trash but for some reason I held on to it. I like bits and pieces of Smashbox. They have hits....and misses. Most of their color products on ME are misses.

I used to use this for the bronze and the dark brown in today I tried it the pinks in the sequence...

That's actually all of three of the pink colors but they are so sheer, you can't tell. And they look a bit chalky too.
This definitely going to the beauty graveyard.... after having it for four years.:)

Shopping My Stash: MAC e/s in Tempting...

Monday, August 03, 2009

* the way of my kitchen floor...*

I was talking to a friend of mine this weekend and she was saying her cousin( who's 32) just discovered MAC( The cousin lives in Columbia SC, where there's two counters( I think), but I didn't ask no questions) and she's over the "F*cking moon", as my friend puts it.

Me: "Maybe she didn't know about MAC" "Lots of people don't...."

Friend:"Tell me how you walk through the Columbiana Belk and never notice that MAC counter?! She acting like she discovered something brand new, Its getting on my nerves"

Me: *Laughing!!* "Awwww...well let her discover something new!, that's probably the newest thing she has found in YEARS..."

Friend: "Okay, I'm going to give her YOUR phone number, so she brag about how she on the new-new cuz she wearing MAC"

Me: "Don't you that!...Or you and cuzo will be able the counter picking out a concealer for your busted face. You know I don't like random as people calling me..."

Friend: "I'm joking!!!!!....So when you coming down here so we can go the MAC counter?"

Me: "Soon as you PayPal me $50 for my services and gas..."

Thinking about my friend's country cousin, I took a dig in the crates and found MAC Tempting. Tempting is not very 'mobile'. It goes on the brush sorta in lil crumbly pieces then on to my lid. It was a bit on the glittery side for me. I used a matte brown color in the outer corners to darken it up.

Sorry for the weird camera would not let take a picture without that weird glare...

I should ship Tempting off to the country cousin. She probably would'nt want it though...

It's used.:)

Shopping My Stash: MAC e/s in Post Haste...

Ah...yes...I've been digging through the crates, about give ya'll some Shopping My Stash goodies. What's this? MAC? Yes, I have several pieces of MAC that I don't use or haven't used. Most of them are careless pieces bought at the CCO on a makeup high.

That CCO bizness is DANGEROUS if you don't know what you are buying. The MAC counter and PRO stores are better for the beginner and moderate MAC lovers at heart( That would be me). Leave that CCO to heavy hitters, the intermediate obsesses of MAC! LOL!

MAC Post Haste is a weird bland Fuchsia pink. It looked red in the CCO when I bought it because that's why I bought it, I wanted a red matte eyeshadow. Come to find out its pink.

I played with it Sunday, only to find out too, that when you mix it with a black matte e/s it turns PURPLE. And I didn't have on purple Sunday( the palette was black, pink, cream) and it messed me up. I pretty sure no one in church noticed, but I DID. I took it off as soon as I got home.

Ugh....I'm on the verge of throwing Post Haste to the MUA( Makeup Alley) wind....of course, the reviews over there are using it as a blush...