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Dear Fantasia...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I need to write you this letter to let you know how I feel about you. You are just absolutely fabulous!!! You rep the Carolinas to the fullest. I have worn a hole into your CD and I can't wait for the next release.I watched your movie and felt your pain and struggle as a single parent. People may have thought that "Baby Momma" was a corny song but it had a lot of meaning behind it. Keep on encouraging women and girls to go for their dreams.I'm finally seeing mine come forth. BUT I got some things I needs to relay to ya:

1) Now that you got a little paper and you live out in Ballantyne, you can afford to stay up out of the Eastland Mall and Rugged Warehouse for your outfit selection.

2)I love that new hair color!

3)Get that album out quick!I need for you to bring R&B back.

4)Be careful of mens in Charlotte when they say they got a job,no ex wives, and no kids,and their own home.All that glitters is not gold!!

5) Don't pack any nail ploish in your carry-on when coming through Charlotte- Douglass security. I don't want to hear about you on V101.9 or FoxCarolina News,cause you know they'll tell it.

6)And if you see E-Dub,Jen Wes,Jocey-Joce and her husband Man-Dree at the SouthPark Mall,PLEASE speak to them because they will get real mad!

Love you and call me!!


Fashion Week 2007 update...

I know I'm not fashion expert.I'm just a pure addict:). So I'll be posting my favs of the week plus a little commentary to make it fun. But if you what play by play clothes, makeup and celebrities, please visit I'm reading it right now,and the detail to the goings on of Fashion Week is great!!!


I need it though...part IV

I saw a girl Thursday in B&N with this bag. When I first saw the bag up close at the Coach store in Charlotte, I didn't like it. But the girl at B&N had it with her initials "KLK" monogrammed on it. I suddenly like it! But with my budget, this is dream bag. I don't even have a man to buy me one and I can't afford it! On the "wishlist" it goes!!


Baby Phat Spring 2007

I found another site that has all the updated shows,www.nymag/ I was most exicited about the Baby Phat Show.I read somewhere, that Baby Phat runway shows is purely a show and most if not all of the designs never make it to retail or are never sold. The company's profits stem from those little baby t's, jeans, and now fragrance. But it's always a fun show. Here's some of my favs from Spring 2007.