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"Roy-ed to death"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

( Rach and Mr. Andre to the left)
I received my July edition of Vogue in the mail today. I always skip the first 50 pages of advertising to get to my fashion godfather's column,none other than Mr. Andre Leon Talley. This month he rants on three pages about Rachel Roy and her fashion line. Am I the only one not impressed by her overpriced, underinspired pieces? Every piece that I have ever seen of hers seems to be copies of other designers, such as Marc Jacobs or Chloe. Her'feminine,soft yet goth sensiblity' is what every one else does. Plus I can help to think if baby girl Aaliyah wasn't killed that she would not be Mrs. Dash and financing to her company would be none of Mr. Dash's.I'll admit she's pretty but every picture she takes with Dame looks odd and bored. Okay, she had humble beginnings and she was in fashion before Dame but is really your inspiration,Rach?Mr.Talley, you did no justice on the article. Talk about Britney's new black hair would have been more interesting.


Dear Soror Star...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First I must say that the your decision to "leave" the View was the right one.If were fired,so what! Lately your co-hosts were not giving you any love. I think they are jealous cause you lost your weight and because you just too much woman for that show. Say peace to Elizabeth's tacky dressing arse, Joy's sarcasm because she really ain't funny, Barbara's floaty head arse and get on with life. Tell Al he can't have all of the closet room and bathroom time. You know how Kappas are!:) He's your man the way you married him so hang in there. Meanwhile take a mega vacay and reevaulate. But I need for you to do I couple other things.

Go shopping and pick up some cute pieces at girlshop.

Bang out sephora and try some of Becca foundations because you got to update that Studio Fix .

Come home the Carolinas so we can hang out.

Tell Al the mirror was yours FIRST, so get out the way!

No more MAC Chesnut lip liner. Cork is better.

Keep your weave tight. Brandy's got a hot line of hair.

Start a "After the View" Blog. :)

With Sisterly Love,
#1 "Cascade" Spring 1996 AKA"Notorious" and "'Bout it Bout it"

A Girl and Her Jewelry

My taste in jewelry has changed over the last year. I used really do the matching chandelier earrings/necklace/bracelet thing. I also used to wear lots of colors and beads and textures. But one of New Years' resolutions was to tone my jewelry choices down so that I don't have to always have matching jewelry for an outfit but all of my jewely be functionable in my wardrobe. It has actually worked out great. My current taste in jewelry consits of gold and silver pieces with a little texture and length and still fashionable( not too classic). My inspiration came from a girl friend of mine who when she got married wore simple diamond studs and an eternity circle necklace that brought out her simple beauty even more. I thought to myself" I can do that...tone it down." Alot of my stuff is it still costume mainly because of the tight "budget". But i have some wish piece like the Cartier LOVE Bracelet above.

Others I'm wishing for:

kipepeo leaf earrings:

kipepeo roundel earrings:

I love all things David Yurman!

some of my favs:

puleeze i'll wear a David Yurman engagment ring!

One of my favorite jewelry designs is pave:



Hungry Mout'

Monday, June 26, 2006

Life in the country is what you make of it. You can sit and be content and closed out from the world or you can be yourself. Simple as that. When you live in such a close off community, being yourself can make you an outcast and you are looked at as "different" I can't count the times I've been stared at or talked about because if you are talked about,it will get back to your mother:). I say this to make this straight to those in this town who accept what's here:


This weekend I went to a anniversary party and bridal shower. Both were really nice but the food at both was questionable. Why is that people here accept bad food being served at functions?That every body eats Chicken,meatballs,green beans, pilaf rice and rolls? Every last function that I have been to sinceI moved back for the exception of My best friend's Shea's New Years' Eve Party, the food served has been horrible. Like Saturday, the chicken and ham they served tasted seasonless and was like it was just thrown on the plate. On Sunday at the bridal shower the punch tasted straight out of a can. I hate to sound like a food snob but that's what I am.You should not leave a function that has a seat down dinner still hungry, plotting a trip to Mickey D's. And I another thing, these hometown, self owned restarants here are overpriced. Especially, Bantam Chef, that sits in the middle of 'hood. They do it because they know that McDonald's,Subway,etc. is on the other side of town and alot of folks don't have cars. Even the Mexican Restaurant charges .75 for sour cream and that aint extra sour cream. That's sour cream. I'm done with the food spots here for at least a month, til I calm down!

This weekend Along with taking the GRE I'm staying with my homie/soror E-Dub in her new house and I'm going eat really good. Maybe we'll go to Harper's or Red Rock's or PF Changs'. Either way, I won't be eating a chicken strip plate.


All work no play

Saturday, June 24, 2006


At work.

As usual.:)

I got of the house just in time to run a quick errand to Wal-Hell to pick up the lastest gossip rag of Life & Style and UsWeekly, a Starbucks Doubleshot(which I love the commercial, because they are stepping...),and some pistachios. Life&Style gives me a quick celebrity fashion fix that I need on the weekend. They featured tunics this week and I thought they were out of style. But I'm glad I still wear mine!.

Beyonce has been in New Orleans making her new video for "DeJaVu"I know it will be on fire! I love to look at her looks on

I think I'm going out tonight. Yes, my friend Shea and her family are throwing a 50th anniversary party for her grandparents. It will fun because her family is a lot fun. Wish me luck on finding something to wear because I always struggle in the semi-formal wear department.Maybe because I hate getting dressed up. Can you believe,J, hates getting dressed up?

love ya'll!


Hello Pretty!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Okay. ..

Today I received in the mail a MAY 2006 edition of Shop etc. which I didn't subcribe to. Well what to have seems happen by the little letter enclosed that Budget Living has ceased publication( maybe because it was 3.95 mag that did fit in a BUDGET!) so Shop Etc. has pick up that subscription. I'm not impressed mainly because SHOP Etc. doesn't and can't stand up to Lucky. But,hey I take things free anyday.

I forgot to tell everyone abt my major mark. haul. It's all the products from the Hello Pretty collection. The best pieces are the eyeshadows which are crazy pigmented and go on so well.

I also got a free subscription to Lucky:) from mark.

I also got the Corrine Bailey Rae( Finally!) but it almost sounds old to tme becaue I've been listening to the downloaded tracks on my nano. My fave: "Enchantment"

Next week, I've got crack down on the GRE studying. Because the test is July 1. I was very close cancelling the test on today but they said I could only get 60.00 of 115.00 back. Nah,I'll take the damn test. So I'll be grinding on those study guide. My fresh new W,Gourmet,Bon Appetit, and Vanity Fair are just going to have to wait til the fourth of July.

Speaking of the fourth, down here in the country, it's customary to get a fresh outfit for the day, because of all the cookouts you got to hit. Of course you all know I probably won't be going to any maybe the one out side my back door but I'm going finally inflate my kid's pool and let them play and get myself a bathing suit and little sarong. Maybe. But I would like a fabulous sundress with some hot, hot sandals.

I love this dress!



Dear Dawn...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dear Dawn of Making the Band 3, ( second from the right)

Congrats, girl on making that band! I'm pretty sure you girls are going to be awesome however I have a issue at hand with you. Your skin is shiny mess. First of all don't let any producer,director, or makeup artist EVER let you go on camera looking like crisco exploded on your face. You are to pretty for that ish! And I know oily skin is no one's fault and I'm not a dermatologist or anything. But I do know something about shine are a few suggestions on keeping your t-zone from being that more than the price of oil:

Wash with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple.

Tone with Molton Brown's Skinbalance Toning Lotion

Mask with mark.Healthy Shots Lemon Purifying Mask

Prep before applying foundation with Smashbox Photo Finish

Apply foundation by Maybelline called Pure Makeup

And Blot ALL DAY with Boscia Blotting Linens

I hope that these work for you. You have to keep up with your face since you are now a celebrity.Good Luck,ma!



Buried Treasures!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Everyone who knows me good knows that oragnization is not my strongest point. Not even close! I'm a complete mess but I have gotten alot better since having two babes. The boys' things are in order because if not, I'll be that flustered, frantic mom I always see in the mall or bookstore who needs two nannies. Her diaper bag, well its her purse, her shirt is stained from juice, she's sweating and one of her children is acting is if he/she is possessed by demons. I pray each day not become her. so I have three different diaper bag and one in the trunk. The boys clothes are seperated in outfits so it's easy to pick something out, they have bed times and have a calender of things they do for the week. Now, why can't I get myself together like this?

My disorganiztion also has to do with my shopping obssession. I buy things and forget I have them or by them, use them once, and off they go into a basket, closet, box, floor,etc. Yesterday I was on miss julia's page, and she mentioned in a post about MAC Love Nectar and I thought,"I have that, somewhere...". So pulled out my many plastic shoe boxes full of makeup, perfume, and body products and there it was with other wonderful things I haven't seen or used in awhile.

MAC Love Nectar Lusterglass-I think i forgot about it because I had NARS orgasm l/g but I forgot about that too.

MAC Morning Glory Lustreglass-I wore it yesterday and it going to the everyday makeup box.

Becca Glossy Lip tint in Granita- This made me think,"oh how I miss Potion", a great indie makeup store in Charlotte who sold Becca, Chantecaille, Pretty Pretty, and a whole lot of other great non Sephora lines.

Cover Girl Queen Collection Eye Shadow Quads in Violet Vibes-never opened. but totally pretty

Tarte Cheek gloss in Tipsy- a wonderful peachy color that looks good on my cheekbones and helpes with my dry patches on my cheeks also.

Wet n. Wild Mega Glo Face Illuminator in Rosy- I so forgot how wonderful and money saving this is and it stretches to the cheek,lips, eyes.

Maybelline Dream Mousse in Suede Sensation- never used til yesteday when i blended it on my eyes with Rimmel eyeliner in Jungle Green.

I'm still finding stuff so I think it will be a part two of the post. :)


The Monday Fashion Fly By

Monday, June 12, 2006

After a three month hiatus of EBay, I'm back Ebaying. I was looking for my boys some Stride Rite sandals when all of sudden I was bidding on three Vera scarves. Vera Neumann was accessories and home linens designer who incorporated a signature logo. I already have about seven of her scarves that mainly wear on my hair but I haven't seen them in two years because they are packed away in my storage. But anyway, I won them! Never found the boys shoes though. Still Ebaying.:)

More on Vera:,,284652_570461-2,00.html

I found this amazing blog called a Dress a Day.I have been reading it for that last two hours instead of preparing for the library tours I have to give on Wednesday.Truly a fashion girl's read.

I sprayed on my last of my philosophy Amazing Grace this morning and don't how I going to get some more because I'm ever so broke!

Love ya'll


Whirl o'Week

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I know I have posted in a minute but I have been thinking about my whole fan base of three maybe four people.:) I've had again one of the worst week. I but somehow I'm still here still pressing on. But on to other and fun things!

I love wearing white. It's one of my favorite colors but some people treat wearing white like its beige.

Summer white Rule #1- If's its dingy white don't wear it.

I've been seeing that alot down here.

You know when you have been living in the country too long when the first fashionable person you come in contact with you excites you. There's a girl that I went to high school with that is an attorney here in hometown that has one of the best sense of style in this town. Now she comes in library in check out Cosmo,Us Weekly and Glamour. She look is very california-relaxed-glam- casual-still-a-little-white girl sorority chic. She looks as if she wears $150 jeans but their really Mossimo.We dish about Target,good sushi, Fresh Market,Rachael Ray,and Anthropoligie.She always gives me compliments. She's my fashion ray of light in sea of Wal-Mart flip flops and matching outfits from It's Fashion.

I do have a list yummy things that I have made me week passable. Soem of are things that I have had or new things that just caught wind of.

Booth's Original Bath and Body Oil- I put i on dry for a sexy glow and I also put it in the bath on days a shave to soften the hair on my legs.

Neutrogena Lip Nutrition Honey Rescue Balm-Smooth not sticky with a yummy smell and no taste( which is a plus for me).

L'oreal Blush in Front Page Peach-Talked about on some makeup message boards as a dupe of Nars Orgasm,it actually is step intenser and looks better on me than Orgasm.

L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow in Lively-My favorite duo of their fab line and own all of eyeshadows.

Neutrogena lip gloss in Dizzy-Buy it. It's so pretty!

Tune Traveler Portable Speaker System by It.-I ordered this with a gift card I received for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Makes my mix of music on my Zen Nano portable.Especially in my car, where there is no CD player.

Armani Mania for Women-I wore this to church this morning.

The Devil Wears Prada, the book-I can't wait til this movie comes out!It will be my own special treat to my self.

I splurged on a professional pedicure at one of local Asian nail spots in hometown.She did a good job but the customer service was horrible. They didn't speak when I walked in only ask what was a getting and "pic a cala". Plus they speak their language when servicing you to each other.I personally think that's rude because they could be talking about you.I used to go to this place in Rock Hill Galleria Mall that were Asian but spoke only English around the customers. Ugh,I'm going to start treking to da'Burg for better service. I tell ya,you never know what you got til its gone. I used to could sprint to mall if I needed to look for clothes or to bookstore for magazine. But 30-40 miles for a decent pedicure and oh, to get my eyebrows waxed can depress a beauty and fashion obesessed girl!And you asked how I made it before I moved away. That's why it's called the country.

I getting sick waiting on that new Corrine Bailey Rae to come out. So I purchased her first CD on Amazon and downloaded some her new tracks from Rhapsody.I found through looking at listmanias on Amazon a chick named Aya who's awesome.

Have a great week!


Random Stuff from your BAP

Friday, June 02, 2006

*peep toes flats? How delicious!!!
(sorry the picture was acting funny)

*Only B can wear JEWELRY sunning and not look a fool.Ahhh...I wish I was her:)

*What a lieutenant Governor I have? He can't fly a plane or drive a car. Poor Andre!

Governor Sanford said"Meet me at the Statehouse...It's going down!"

OMG! I can not wait til MTB3 comes on!

*Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. I like that. Angelina can name some kids.
*Why is it only June and its 90 degrees? Ugh!
* Someone buy me a real Mp3 player like a iPOD. Puleeze!
*Answered Prayers by Truman Capote is page turner like a mutha right now.
*I want Olive Garden salad and breadsticks like right now!
*Esthero is the ish!