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~Adorn'd~ Digging for Treasure: Vintage Jewelry....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Saturday, my mother had promised me some plastic craft bags for my beads and her old "twister" beads from the 80s. She said they were located in a drawer in my room aka the guest room that was full of jewelry....full of jewelry. Who has drawers full of costume jewelry? My mother. lol

I found the beads and bags and other GLORIOUS treasures. I told ya'll that I used to collect vintage and retro costume jewelry but stopped because I couldn't afford it....still can't but that should stop the admiration of it, right? Plus, there is inexpensive stuff out there. Especially when its free and in your own "room".

The piece ( above) is a Trifari piece. Alot of the good costume jewelry companies from eras back went out of business in the 70s and 80s...even earlier that. The quality is better than any  overpriced jewelry at Anthropologie and you could wear it and feel fabolous....
See the signature on the pendant?

Some of the stuff that my mother has was given her in bulk was from a co-worker whose mother had died. She gave me couple pieces years back but she never wears the stuff she kept. Ah, the mind of a hoarder. lol

I wore this with my $1 Target men's "Canada, Eh?" shirt.... It felt some kinda way....I love it....:)

That's the chain...there's a name for that design of Grandma Jane would know, she collected jewelry as well...

Found this seashell necklace,  no signature no company with the name "Waymon" etched in the shell. I think its probably from the Bahamas, maybe the lady got it on vacation.
This necklace mine.:) I used to wear it with a purple and black checked dress that had a white collar that my mother made...she also made this necklace.
This necklace is signed and made by Coro, another vintage jewelry company...its missing some parts in the starburst design....
I was FLOORED when I found this piece! Look at the bows! Its another flawless Trifari piece....
This necklace is signed and made by Hattie Carnegie who was a self made millionaire by selling her jewelry. She  focused on alot of tribal and ethnic designs and her pieces are sought after...I wouldn't be surprised if that is real turquoise...its has a bit of weight to it.

~FOTD~ Peachy Cheeks and Orange Lips....

 I know that peach and orange in trend for Summer I thought I would try my version of peachy cheeks and orange lips!

I used:

Caboodles Lipstick in Sweet Thing ( I got for a 5 for $1 bin at a local grocery store)
NYX Lipgloss in Smokey Look
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy
 I groomed and filled in my brows then mascara and liner in the waterline, foundation...then lipstick, lipgloss and blush. Super simple!
 I used Sweet Thing then Smokey Look in the center of lips....
 Tipsy on the cheeks....I LOVE Tarte's Clay Blushes!!!!

What do you think??? Any other summer trend looks you would like to see? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: The Tarte blush was sent to me for review.