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I need it though....

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Here's some of my fashion wish items for the week.I must stay off and!

Discover( and not the card that pays you back)!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Over the last couple of days,I've discovered so many new things that have quickly become obssessions.It's been a rough week and a half but it nothing like some new to brightening your spirits: My beautiful blogging buddy Miss Kim introduced me to this awesome website that has a jukebox full of great music by Esthero,Adriana Evans, Incognito,Ledisi and my new girl crush Alice Smith.I can not wait to her album comes out!!!

Vanity Fair- We get this mag at the library and because I can be very visually persuaded I normally don't read it. But I saw the June issue with Anderson Cooper and an article abt Nicole Richie and I bought it on a whim.It was some of the best reading I have done in a long time.There is article about Dubai that is so intriguing i read it twice.

Wet N Wild Mega Plump in 587- a great sheer fuschia lip gloss that goes on really pretty and is not sticky at all.

brokeback mountain by Annie Proulx- didn't know it was a book til it arrived at the library and its only 54 pages long.

Grilled Chili Lime Corn on the Cob- My mom grilled on Monday and I decided to do some grilled corn with some flaved butter. I got the recipe out of Fitness Mag June 2006 but here's the same recipe from the Whole Foods website.

Young Black and Fabulous- I'm already obssessed with celebrity gossip but black folks celebrity gossip is even better and my girl Natasha puts it down! It's crazy addictive!

Love ya!


Rant/prayer of the day!( very non-beauty related)

Friday, May 26, 2006

I wish I could go on an amazing vacay right now. This has been ANOTHER week from hell as usual. I just don't know what I got to prove to God that I'm worthy of a good life. I don't drink,smoke, I go to church, I praise and thank him all the time. I believe he is the only thing I need in my life. But I have so mess always happening it's crazy. God's test you say. Well,I'm always in class taking the exam.:)

Please God, just tell the world to give me a break. Tell them the she is wonderful mother,daughter,sister,niece,and friend. Let me just have a period in my life when drama is not number one. I love you Lord more than life itself. You gave me the greatest gift of two babies, of health, roof over my head, a car that runs, family, both my parents. I need you take care of me because I can not do this alone. Amen!



Let work on that....

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'll admit I have some very quirky ways. In fashion,I will intentionally mess an outfit up so that I won't be to matchy. Today I wore Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Jungle Green because I needed it with a nude gloss and plenty of CG Lash Exact. I think being a little off track gives me individuality. I love it. Here are some of my quicky ways:

Ridiculous TV-I can not miss Dog the Bounty Hunter and King of Cars on A&E. They are so crazy.Who knew the paradise of Hawaii had so much crime or a 34 year old man owns the largest volume dealership in Nevada? Plus I like(I hate to admit it) College Hill and Season of the Tiger on BET. I think its because I didn't go to a HBCU and they seem so much different than my liberal arts college. Not that I didn't have fun in college!

Black Nail polish-I bought some because Nicole Richie wears it all time and didn't seem to look very goth on her. So I purchased Rimmel Nail Enamel in Black Satin. Cute name! And looks so good with my knockoff David Yurman rings, I feel like a socialite!

Wearing Men's Cologne- Unforgettable by Sean Combs has a dry down that smells just like Chanel 5. And Molton Brown Black Pepper Wash is one of favorite morning shower pick me ups.

Messy Bed Head- Currently I'm rocking the Beyonce-AustinPowers movie big curl head courtesy of the Asian hair weave spot in town. I love that I get up in the morning take off my silk cap shake my head and I have a messy,sexy,bed head that a pair of hoops or big ethnic earrings look so divine with.I just wish i can grow it naturally.:)



My closet case!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Besides being product crazy,I'm a full throttle fashion fanatic. Now some people think that because you love to shop means that you love fashion.My cousin likes to shop for furniture so much she buys a new living room set each year. That's doesn't necessarily make her fashion obssessed.I'm all about the magazines,fashion TV shows, NY fashion week,trunk shows,the history of designers' fashion houses,biographies of designers(my fave:Coco Chanel),fabric,detail and design, retail and merchandising(I love window displays!)and yes,shopping. I'm constantly building my wardrobe into the ultimate comfort zone.Somewhere I can go knowing I have "something" to wear. My style is not easily summed up into one word.However I'm not a chameleon.I would try to decibe my style NOW as casual-sexy-luxe-natural-bohemian glam!!! Whew!I love the basic palette of browns,tans,,and white teames with splashes of color or sparkle in accessorizing.I'm a big handbag girl who layers tanks and loves a long skirt.I've had jobs in the past that I had to get "Corporate" but they never work out for other reasons but my reason is always I can't get "dressed up". Now, I got some friends and sorors who can wear a suit and pumps like a million bucks. But I always look like a clown because I'm that casual. My typical go to outfit would be a white Old Navy tank with a black James Perse tank,long tan peasant skirt(yes,I'm still hooked on this trend!) ,long beaded necklaces layered,flip flops or ballet flats, curly floppy hair pulled in messy bun,huge bag. One girlfriend of mine once told me I look like one of celebrity pictures in Us Weekly of the Hollywood girls lunching!

My fav must have pieces now are above:

The acacia sandals from my favorite store Anthropologie.I have very similiar pair for a lot less that I wear with my long skirts in a muted bronze.

This eggplant strapless dress from C&C California. It draps around the midsection so that helps camouflage my mommy belly that's now going on two years old:) plus C&C's cotton is so comfy and cool I would put on some beads around my neck my thin silver hoops and be done!

Speaking of Anthropologie,I found the most amazing large brown suede hobo with eggplant tassles by Anthropologie at Marshall's yesteday for $40!!! Tags attached and everything.The retail price on it was $228.00.

Well off to eat my spicy tuna sushi I picked up at Fresh Market!



Danielle My Rebelle Southern Belle!!!!

Congrats to my pick Danielle!!!!

I'm so happy!!!


Raise you right hand...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Scent of the day!
Philosophy Amazing Grace

You guessed it. I got picked to be on a jury during jury duty and I got to report AGAIN tomorrow to go back in the jury pool AGAIN.But what to so interesting is that i kind of like it:)I'm putting all the Poli Sci coursework to work. But I don't regret changing my mind about being an attorney. Constitutional Law I and II put a end to that in 1998. More power to my officers of the court! What a day I have had.I need to go shoe shopping soon...

Now that my Bam-Bams or sleep I'm going to give myself a overdue manicure and pedi polish change. My mani color will be Loreal Jet Shine in Pink Sand and some serious scrubbing with mark.cures Nail and Hand Scrub and moisterizing with Burt's Bees Beeswax and Banana Hand Creme. My "toe-toes"( as my babies call it) Essie Soho Nude. I've definetly gotten conservative with the nail color. Not three years ago I could go with without a design on my big toe!LOL Whew!I love the cleaner, cooler me! But my pedi secret weapon in Wet n wild Mega Last Quick Dry/Ultra Gloss.It keeps soooo good on my toes.I'll get a pro mani in a few weeks. Because I'm on budget I have to spread those things out.

ok off to have some of my mom's banana cake!


A Better Monday

Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm so glad Monday's are not what they used to be to me.At one time,when I worked for a high volume call center,thinking about Monday made my stomach hurt and on monday morning when I would pull up to the business park the company building was in my stomach would do flips.Mondays there were horrible.Also at one time Mondays were just another day.That's when I was a stay at home mom because I had two little preemies and really couldn't have a job with all the doctor's visits,etc. And when they got bigger I couldn't find a job under a rock! But now Monday's feel good.By the grace of God my boys are healthy and I'm blessed with a career that I don't mind getting up in the morning and going to.Finally!

Speaking of little boys,my mother's day was really good. I thanked my children for another holiday I get gifts on:) lol! But received two outfits,$65,red tulips,a pair of brown espadrille wedges, a cute t-shirt that says"Will work for shoes" from my favorite Almost Pink Boutique, a silver necklace with a pave diamond ball, and dozens of cards and well wishes which was favorite part. Mother's Day is literally better than my birthday which I don't handle well.

I have jury duty today for the first time in my life.I don't even know how I got it when I'm not registered to vote in this county( I still registered in York County). But my all knowing dad told me when you are a resident of South Carolina you can be pulled to be on a jury anywhere in the state.Word.I but I do know from others who have had it that it's long wait and I better bring something to do. So I'm packing:

My mp3 player(I'm going to load my new Amel Larrieux on today)
the sales papers from sunday's paper
Playing My Mother's Blues by Valerie Wesley Wilson
June 06 Lucky Magazine
June 06 Essence Magazine and Vibe Vixen
GRE Verbal Wookbook

Alot of junk I know but my plan is to try to avoid talking to anyone because hometown folks will talk your head off down here. Just random people in stores ,doctor's offices, Wal-Mart. Sometime you just want to not talk to anyone.

Well off to get everyone ready.

Happy Monday


Study Day Wasted Away!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Face of the Day!:

Maybelline Pure Makeup in Caramel
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
mark Toute Sweet Whipped Creme Eye Shadow in Flourish
mark Comb Out Mascara
mark Glow Baby Glow Luxe in Gold Luxe

Scent of The Day!:
mark Instant Vacation Post tanning Lotion and mark Instant Vacation Cologne Spray

Hey! Well it's GRE study day( Wed and Fri) and I'm blogging:) And waiting on the Geek Squad to come in network my mom's two computers because her magna cum laude graduating arse can't and she got to pay some to do it. She got me at home waiting for dude when I could be sipping a Caramel Frap,listening to Maysa,and studying sentence completion.He's suppose to be here at 2 p.m.If he doesn't come by 2:30.I'm out. Happy Mother's Day Ma! Hopefully UPS will show up with my Amazon order of the Amel Larrieux album and the book New York's 50+ Best Little Shops. My girlfriends' and I are planning a Diva weekend in November to New York. Now two of us have been there( T. and me,I think) but we both have family from there or still there and didn't really get the New York by tourist experience. My relatives live in Queens and hate the "city" and rather go out to Long Island for shopping, etc. Butthe only place we really want to go is H&M!I have got to start to save my money any way.I'm not a good saver.

I heard that Oprah is suppose to set in on Hot Topics on The View friday.I can't wait.I wonder if Soror Star will be present.She said this morning her grandfather's b'day was the weekend and she was going to be out of town.O and Star,same table, I don't know how to feel about that.

Can anyone tell me what is going to happen to Joan on Girlfriends? I'm lost and is Maya going to Florida with Darnell and Lynn,she didn't even have a story line.?!But the best thing is that Toni got her baby!I started cry.:(

Well I said in the last post that I would give a wishlist of goodies I wanted out of Sephora 2006 Summer Catalog:
Marc Jacobs Splash 2 in Rain
Stila Baked Shadow in Bronze Glow
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisterizer
Laura Mercier Gilded Bronzing Book
Sephora Superstars Super Sheen Bronzing Mist
Bliss Slim Pickings Set
Flower by Kenzo Summer

It's not lot.It's actually less than what I picked out of their holiday book:).

Check out the lastest Lucky mag with Tyra on the cover(let's see...that 3 black girls in all now Lucky editors?(Ashanti,Alicia keys,Tyra)).I love her beauty picks.For the self proclaimed "Queen of Cheap" she doesn't scrimp!

later!!(As Tyra would say)


The Busy Bee In Me!

Monday, May 08, 2006

I've been crazy busy this past week but i have tons to tell ya! This week I bought wayyyyy to much makeup! Besides receiving a big haul of Mark products and I hit walgreens and edkerd on the Hillcrest /Converse Heights side of Spartanburg. The stores on that side of town seem to have better selections of my fav drugstore lines.
My mark haul:

Aloha Glow Face and Body
Glow Baby Glow Luxe in Gold Luxe and Copper Luxe
Instant Vacation Desert Island Stick in St. Tropez,Ibiza,andCapri
Ibiza Glow Earrings in Silvertone and Goldtone
Instant Vacation in Pre Tanning Scrub and Post Tanning lotion(I won't use it what suppose to used for but it has a great smell)
Instant Vacation Bronzing Gel
Instant Vacation Bronzing Powder(

Edkerd and Walgreens Haul:

Loreal Trilogy eyeshadows in Rave Reviews and Casting Calls( 2006 Photomagique Line)
Loreal Blush in Front Page Peach
Loreal Colour Juices in Golden Glaze,Rays of Copper,Nude Reflection,Twinkled Pink,Sunkissed Sienna, and Peachy Sheen
NYX Trio Shadows in TS09 and TS08

Whew! I also picked up the magazine Blueprint which is very cute. While in the 'Burg I went to Stein Mart. When I worked in Charlotte I never went in there because I didn't think it was my style. But I recieve a 20% clearance coupon in the mail and decided to go in plus i was looking for some earrings to go with a dress that I was wearing to The Ladies of Iris Cotillion on Saturday( Yes, a debutante ball and I was debutante back in 1995). What I found was a treasure of things!I got two handbags, Gucci II for 60%!,my boys some 7.50 RL Polo Shorts,and some really beautiful earrings for the ball. By the way the ball was fun I look pretty good.I used my Mally City Chick Smokey Eye Kit for an evening smoky eye.

I 've been downing Starbucks Doubleshots lately. For a little can they are1.99 and Walmart has a pack of 4 for 6.29. Fixes my Starbucks fix real quick!

This Weekend is Mother's Day and I got to find my mom amother's day gift. She's that woman that has everything. I just want money and maybe Sephora gift card.I got my Sephora Summer 2006 Catalog in the mail today and I will have a wish list for you tomorrow. Well I'm going partake in a romaine salad with roma tomatoes,feta, and honey balsamic dressing for dinner.

love ya'll!