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~5 Friday Faves!!~ September 30, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

 1) Two weeks later....that's all thats left at my Target. #Missonilost LOL!
 2) 27 oz empty pump bottles at my Target Dollar section....I'm going to make a Deep Conditioner mix in one and my Kimmaytube Leave-In in the other...

3) I ate for $2.01 at McAlister's with one of my birthday coupons and then went over to Panera and had a free birthday frozen Mocha with my Panera card.:)

4) Downy Unstoppables In Wash Scent Booster- Its expensive( like $7.99) but its great on thrifted clothes and getting the old funk of them.

5) Funky Dineva...she speak volumes....If you are ever having a bad day and need a laugh her channel is bananas. Watch all the videos. lol! NSFW and profanity sensitive folk.

~Rural Style~ Dressing Room Files with Jennifer Lopez for Kohls.....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I dropped into Kohl's today on a light excursion out of town to visit Jennifer Lopez' collection for Kohls. I saw TheDivaEsq do a great dressing  room review on the line. So check out my "review"!!!!

The line is full of very sexy neutrals, feel good fabrics like jersey but pretty and girly...nothing too structured or serious. I love the neutral palette....greys, light creamy shades of blush.....I also spotted lots of animal prints... Most of the collection, if not all, was 20% off. Search around for another coupon online...and you can make a good deal. I listed the retail for each piece.

This is the dress($70) in the photo above....must have been popular in this Kohls because there were only two left in size 8 and 10. I noticed that in each item there were a lot of sizes...even in the larger sizes.

Her collection goes from size 6  to size 16 and S to  XL. I tried on some Ls and XLs....I can't wear a 16 yet.

The jewelry I spotted was glitzy and rhinestone-y...typical JLO...these earrings were my favorite and they are clip-ons but they are $22. :/
I spotted her handbag display and these were two of my favorites....If I had the coins today, I would've bought that taupe bag($120)...beautiful!! The bags were very luxe style...bold hardware, some fur...
First, I tried on this fur vest with faux leather in XL ($84). It was soft and comfy, perfect layering piece. It even buttoned across my chest! I wanted to take this home too!!
Its looks like shearling but its was more furry. Plus it was shedding all over the place. yikes.
Second, I tried on this trench ($100) in a XL...It was a too big and too long for my height(5'0). I couldn't see wearing this even with  heels. The bottom of the coat hits my knees. As far as the construction, I like the puffy sleeves but the flared bottom and stretchy no-go.
Third, was this retro 80s inspired silk/satin top ($40) in XL. I didn't fit....too short, too tight in the arms, and uncomfortable.:(
Fourth, I tried on the champagne drapey dolman top ($40). I loved the fit  and the color but hated the fabric. Its not jersey, it feels like old school polyester.The color looks washed out in the picture but it was gorgeous on my skin in that store.
Last, another fur vest ($84) in XL...that shedding all over the place! It needed some buttons or something.

Now this top($54)....ummm....I didn't know how it suppose to fit...I tried it on but it was TRAGIC. lol!

I didn't get to the shoes because , I know about ya'll but, Kohls is so confusing, I couldn't remember where the shoes were.:( Plus I missed the home and lingerie of this line....gotta do my homework.

So what do you think? Have you seen Jennifer Lopez' collection at Kohls? Do own any pieces? Let me know!

~Fall Skin Care Review~ Murad Acne & Aging Skin Solution Regimen Kit...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As the season changes, I'm always looking for something new for my skin....and as my age changed....I'm always looking for to slow down the aging process. Yes, I'm that girl. I believe in the "preservation" of my skin to be polite.:)

I had the chance to try out Murad Acne & Aging Skin Solution regimen. My face historically doesn't do "regimens" of the same company well. Believe me, I've been through several since I was a teen. It normally handles a mishmish of products to its full potential. After FOUR weeks of use, I'm ready to give you the scoop on Acne & Aging Skin Solution Regimen....
The Kit contains Time Release Acne Cleanser, Acne & Wrinkle Reducer, Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 20, and Acne Spot Treatment.

Time Release Acne Cleanser- I like that this cleanser doesn't suds. Its really gentle like Cetephil but my face didn't feel really clean after use.

Acne & Wrinkle Reducer- This product is like a serum but the consistency is thicker than you average serum. It soaks into the skin and is not sticky. I liked how it felt on my skin, but after four weeks I saw no difference in the spots on my face that are "aging" like the fine lines in my forehead. Also, my acne didn't clear up no quicker with the use of it.

Anti-Aging Moisterizer SPF20- I like that you only need a little bit of the product to cover the face. I was hoping that it would be a great go to moisturizer but it turned out to be a bit too oily. I already get oily during the day, but I got oily alot faster everyday I used this. I was blotting my face within an hour of use with foundation on top.

Acne Spot Treatment- I used this when I felt a pimple under my skin wanting to come to a head. Like most acne spot treatments, they are the most effective when catching the pimple before it gets to surface to rid of it. It worked well, however, I know of a spot treatment that works just as fast. Another pro is that it doesn't flake on the skin like some spot treatments can.

 I think that this regimen didn't work for me as a regimen...all four products together were an overload for my face. I found myself fighting more whiteheads and oil than I did before I started. I'm going to try the moisturizer alone with my black soap to see if it works better outside of the regimen and continue to use the acne spot treatment when needed.

Skip- The Cleanser and Acne & Wrinkle Reducer

Buy- Acne Spot Treatment 

Consider and Compare- Anti Aging Moisterizer

So what do you think? Have you ever or are you using any of the products from the Murad Skin Aging & Acne Line? Let me know your results!

I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are my personal and honest opinions

~Weekend Goodwill and Sal Val Thrift Haul~

Monday, September 26, 2011

Got out this weekend for some great thrifting! I didn't get alot of items but I what I got was better than whole bunch of so-so pieces. I went to two Goodwills and one Sal Val in two days and I was pretty busted afterwards. lol!

I only got one item from the Sal Val (Salvation Army in TheEccentricDiva speak lol) and was it everything I was looking for...the perfect demin jacket!!!

Calvin Klein Jeans Demin Jacket...$5.99...XL...PERFECT FIT!!.... super soft...probably from the 90s. I still have a pair of CK Jeans khakis that were my Grannys but I wore after she died in 1996....they are size 10.:/
Next up are items from two Goodwill Stores...

Eggplant blazer-$1. I slay the Dollar racks at our Goodwills! I normally head them first then back to jewelry, shoes, handbags, bric-a-brac....
Walmart George label coat-$1...this brand, when in stores, never fit me quite right. This jacket fits but is snug in the upper arm area.  *shrugs*
vintage Sears top-$1...cute!!

Black blazer with red piping-$1....uhhh....I think its a flight attendant's blazer. lol
 See.....That's the Northwest Airlines logo

Hilarious!!! But its dope though....LOL!
Vigoss jeans-$7.49 I paid "full price" for these because I'm building my demin wardrobe back up in a different size...all my jeans from last year are too big and sag in the butt...LOL.
Dana Buchman flats-$4.50...They have a tear in the back...but I wasn't leaving Dana Buchman flats in MY SIZE on that rack, hunny....
Organizer from Target-$1- for makeup of course....
Ecco sneakers $4.50- This sneakers are like $139 sneakers retail....As soon as I saw the label I threw them in the cart.
BCBG Max Azria flats - $4.50 ....!!!!!....Ok!!! They fit but are a little uncomfortable afterwhile. Typical of pricey flats. My flats from the beauty supply store never hurt. lol!
Vintage earrings-$1 a pair. love them all!!!

So what you think about my finds??

Nail Polish Blog Sale

Nail Polish Blog Sale
~~Please Read~~

PayPal Only-NO Paypal Check Payment- USA ONLY

1-2 polishes: $2 Shipping
3 or more: $4 Shipping
(no exceptions, I carefully package each parcel to arrive safely, Delivery Confirmation is .70 extra)

***I will send you a Paypal invoice after you have emailed me your picks and PP have 24HOURS to make payment or the invoice will be cancelled. I will not mark the item(s) PEND til' you have been sent an invoice. When it is paid, then the item will be marked SOLD and shipped within 2 business days***

Please use Google to check any swatches of these colors:)

Email me at ruralglamour at yahoo dot com for purchase!!!

OPI ( all used ONCE) $4
-Glamour Game
-Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow (SOLD)
-Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees(SOLD)
-The Color To Watch
-Give Me Moor(SOLD)
OPI ( all used once) $4
-Baby Its Coal Outside
-Don't Toy With Me
-On The Same Paige (SOLD)
-Ate Berries In the Canaries
-Pink BCA Shatter (SOLD)
Orly La Playa- $3
Sephora by OPI Metro Chic-$3
Cosmetic Arts ( no name)-$2
Essie (used once)-$3
-Cruise Control
-Fondola Gondola

Color Club-$2
-Green pastel( no name)
-Neon yellow(no name)
-Ms Socialite
-Uptown Girl
Avon Lagoon- $1

~Birthday Fresh Coat~ Incoco Cat's Meow....

Friday, September 23, 2011

 As promised...I applied my Incoco Nail Appliques in Cat's Meow for birthday! Here's the scoop:

-They are thinner than the Sally Hansen brand and easier to smooth out.
-They have a built in top coat which makes them very glossy but I added one to seal in the area between my nail and the applique.
-I love this pattern!! Its gorgeous!!!!

-The fit is sooo off. I only received 12 in the pack which might be a Birchbox thing but the fit is crazy.
-They are not cheaper than Sally Hansen. I don't understand why this type of "polish" runs $8,9,10?!? It has no brush or bottle and you can only use it once! Too pricey!

I wanted to order some more of these but the price turned me off.

What do you think?

~Birthday FOTD~ Wet N' Wild Earth Looks Small From Down Here...

On the 23rd of September, first day of fall, first day of Libra season...a 7lb 13oz baby girl was born in a rural South Carolina town in the year of 1977. She was plump and bright and her dad thought she was white. lol.

"That's the wrong baby, Shawty ( what he called my mom)! She's white!" (LOL!)

Jane, my beloved Granny, his mother: "Shut the hell up Mike!! That baby aint white! And she's yours!!"

Ah...the stories I've heard from the day I was born....the older I get the more my mother tells me. My dad, rest his soul, never got the exact date of my birthday correct.I normally would get a happy birthday from him the day before or two days after my birthday. I wasn't always happy about that, but today, as I think about it, it makes me smile.:)

I played with Wet N' Wild Earth Look Small From Down Here for my eye look today. Somebody has to explain to me that name because it sounds ridunklous. lol!

I don't like my highlight...but we all learn from our mistakes....

I wasn't born on the 21st of September but I love this song!!!

~Review~ Lush Dirty Fragrance....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soon as the weather changes, I crave new fragrances. I don't need to go to a counter or to inner beauty addict clock tells me, "Its time for something new!" LOL! Lush Dirty came just in the nick of time to switch it up and satisfy the inner urge for a new smell!

"Lush Dirty Fragrance (10ml spritzer, 30ml bottle, solid) is clean, minty and refreshing. Owing to the herbal undertones, it is sexy and invigorating. The main notes are spearmint, tarragon, thyme, oak moss, lavender, sandalwood and neroli."

I absolutely love this scent! It comprises three of my favorite notes: lavender, sandalwood and neroli. Dirty first goes on smelling like a fresh piece of spearmint gum but dries down wonderfully soft and warm. If you are in to fresh and herbal scents, this is a masterpiece. Even though the notes sounds very masculine or unisex, I feel extremely feminine when I wear Dirty.

I know that I will fly thru the .3 fl oz size I received so this scent is officially on my Christmas wishlist!:)

I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are my personal and honest opinions