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Ol' Ye' Faithful Wig....

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Since it has cooled down a bit in these parts, I thought I would break out Ol' Ye' Wig or Ye' Ol' Wig and give my 14wk post relaxer hair a rest.

I can't remember HOW LONG I've had this wig. LONG. I know that.

This is only wig I own. Lol!
Problem #1: The wig doesn't come down far enough on my head. See my hairline. My hairline comes all the way in my face. I have no forehead.
I was taking pictures in one of Grandma's bathrooms. The lighting is horrible in the there with a flash.
Problem #2: I have to pin the wig up in the back because its just raggedy in the back, truth be told. I don't think me and Ol' Ye' Ol' Wig are going work out for the fall/winter.

I will be back perm rod setting Saturday.:)