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The Kitchen-ista: Giada's Lasagna Rolls...

Friday, March 14, 2008

I've been off for last two days from Le Lion. Thank God. I decided to try this Giada De Laurentiis Lasagna Rolls recipe today. First I had to prepare it at home and then take it over my mother's house to bake it. My oven is on crack. Bad. It has no temperture control and I was using some $4 prosciutto and $8 cheese...that thing wasn't going to burn this up!!

It came out okay as you see above. Not as neat at Giada's but it was very easy. Beside making the rolls I had to also make Bechamel sauce for the first time. It came out pretty good. But my stomach can take so much cheese:(. I didn't particulairly like the prosciutto in it. It tastes like country ham( if you are from the south, you know what that is). Next time, I'll do ground beef or chicken.


Bespoke Bloke...

I love love love that Estelle song "American Boy". I like the video even better( the boys in the video are so cute!). My Best Cousin is in it...Kanye!! And his verse is smoking. Especially when he said something to the effect of being a "bloke" and wearing "Bespoke". I love fashion vocabulary and as of now have a Fashion encyclopedia on hold at B&N. I went to the place librarians love to hate...Wikipedia, for a definition of Bespoke....

Bespoke is usually a British English term for tailored clothing made at a customer's behest, and exactly to the customer's specification. Bespoke clothing is created without use of a pre-existing pattern, differentiating it from made to measure, which alters a standard-sized pattern to fit the customer.
Today, it is also frequently used for technical components specifically developed for a certain application (e.g.
bespoke software), as well as in the automotive and cake decorating industries, when customers get a chance to have an automobile equipped or cake decorated to their specification

I see myself explaining this to "Fashion Boy"...if we were still together. Bloke.