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~Swatches and First Impressions~ Kleancolor Femme Lipsticks....

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Hey Everyone!

I have been interested in bold, primary colored lipsticks since I discovered Keyshia Ka'Oir and her Ka'Oir line of lipsticks. I swear, I visited that site once week but could not pick a shade I wanted. Then a RGBL family member posted on Facebook that Kleancolor had their own line of bright lipsticks called Femme.

I ordered my Kleancolor Femme Lipsticks from Amazon (HERE) in two sets of four for $7.99 a set. I've seen posted on Instagram and Twitter that they are also showing up in beauty supply stores but besides Kleancolor polish, the new and updated Kleancolor makeup doesn't make it to my parts very often, so I just ordered it rather than wait.

Here are the 8 shades I ordered...

 This set is called Bold....

 Here are the Bold swatches on my hand....
 This set was called Vivid....Both sets were from the same seller...
 Here are the Vivid swatches....

Now I did swatches on my lips as well....

 #9 Flirty Tango
 #2 Envious Desire
 #8 Tingling Mimosa
 #4 Sky Dive

#6 Cast of Spell
 #7 Magic Lime
 #9 Pink Seeker

#11 After Hours

Wearing #9 Flirty Tango....

~First Impressions~
-They smell very fruity.
-The consistency is more like a pigmented balm than a lipstick. They are very glossy but not a gloss texture.
-The primary colored ones like the blue, green, yellow shades, go on very light. The color has to be built for maximum intensity. I did about two coats for each swatch.
-They are reasonably priced individually. Some people are saying they are finding them for $1.99 at the BSS.
-I LOVE Flirty Tango!!! But I'll admit, I might can pull After Hours( the dark blue) off but wear am I going with Sky Dive ( the light blue) on?!?! LOL! I'm sure these colors could be mixed with other lipstick like OCC lip tars are used.