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Hungry Mout'

Monday, June 26, 2006

Life in the country is what you make of it. You can sit and be content and closed out from the world or you can be yourself. Simple as that. When you live in such a close off community, being yourself can make you an outcast and you are looked at as "different" I can't count the times I've been stared at or talked about because if you are talked about,it will get back to your mother:). I say this to make this straight to those in this town who accept what's here:


This weekend I went to a anniversary party and bridal shower. Both were really nice but the food at both was questionable. Why is that people here accept bad food being served at functions?That every body eats Chicken,meatballs,green beans, pilaf rice and rolls? Every last function that I have been to sinceI moved back for the exception of My best friend's Shea's New Years' Eve Party, the food served has been horrible. Like Saturday, the chicken and ham they served tasted seasonless and was like it was just thrown on the plate. On Sunday at the bridal shower the punch tasted straight out of a can. I hate to sound like a food snob but that's what I am.You should not leave a function that has a seat down dinner still hungry, plotting a trip to Mickey D's. And I another thing, these hometown, self owned restarants here are overpriced. Especially, Bantam Chef, that sits in the middle of 'hood. They do it because they know that McDonald's,Subway,etc. is on the other side of town and alot of folks don't have cars. Even the Mexican Restaurant charges .75 for sour cream and that aint extra sour cream. That's sour cream. I'm done with the food spots here for at least a month, til I calm down!

This weekend Along with taking the GRE I'm staying with my homie/soror E-Dub in her new house and I'm going eat really good. Maybe we'll go to Harper's or Red Rock's or PF Changs'. Either way, I won't be eating a chicken strip plate.