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N.O.T.D O.P.I No Room For The Blues...

Friday, July 31, 2009

I thought I had used all of my OPI for Paige Demin shades til I pulled out No Room For The Blues.

Fitting for the day...No Room For The Blues should be my daily mantra...Its a lighter blue than Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Color in Blue Me Away...
Have a good weekend:)

Rural Glamour: Practicing The "Smokey/Smoky" Eye...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here's my attempt at a "Smokey/Smoky" eye. Honestly, I've only did a Smokey eye maybe twice in my makeup life. Like "where am I going to wear all the black eye shadow"?? Well, I did this look... for church!!Lol!

I decided, after watch endless You Tube videos and blogs, that the best smokey eyes are matte. It looks better and blends better...I totally AGREE!

I used Black Radiance Eye Shadow Pencil in Black as a lid base. Then I went over that pencil with a black e/s from an old Sephora palette. Then I took NYX e/s in White and blended up into the brow bone. I use a a MAC Fluidline in Black to line the top and bottom of the eye. Then topped it all off with mascara.:)

Review: Wet N' Wild Speed Gloss in Manic...

Remember when I won Wet N' Wild Speed Gloss in Manic in the WnW/Promo Gift Bag?

Here's a quick review on it!!

-I love the color.Its not as mauve on me as it looks in the tube. But its pretty.
-The formula is super light and not sticky at all.
-I like smell of it. Smells like spearmint(its infused with peppermint). Reminds me of Doublemint!

-It claims to be a "energizing lip shine". "Shine" yes. "Energizing" no. It tingles when applied. So is that the effect of energy I was waiting on? They could have skipped that.
Overall...Its a nice gloss. But I won't buy it. I think with gloss, a company has to stand out as far as the product and price and not the gimmick.

Backtrack: Wet N' Wild Idol Eyes Eye Shadow Pencil in Electro...

Remember my review on Wet N' Wild Idol Eyes Creme Eye Shadow Pencil....*sigh*....Well, even though they crease I still needed to use Electro( the blue one...)

Of course I did the same as I did with Envy( the green one) I used it as a base with a similiar color on top. At the advice of Kia of Yummy411, I based my lid with my primer as well.

I love them....regardless( yes, it still creased a bit after 5 hrs). I plan on getting the other colors, still:)LOL!

N.O.T.D OPI In My Back Pocket...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Today N.O.T.Ds is OPI In My Back Pocket with a little nail design that I played with. In My Back Pocket is bit toooo Go Tigers! as in Clemson Tigers, for me. I know SEVERAL people who would love to inherit this from me.:) And its streaky...*sigh*

Dear Solange and others who BC( Big Chop) and feel the need to defend it...

a la Solange knowles "STOP.IT"

This is a picture of me in 1997 before I went to the Million Women March with 99 other women. I wacked off the rest of my already short hair. And... this was a time that chicks were going short and natural but had I folks telling me I should've cut my hair off( mainly female family members, like I had long hair or something). I had no political, emotional, or spiritual agenda to my decision. I did it because I saw the group For Real with the same haircuts and thought it was cute...

It made me mad back then that my own family was critical of the choice but I didn't give a damn and didn't defend it. This was the beginning of "I don't give a damn's" of how you feel about my look...

Over the years, I wacked it off several times. I even had a low fade...and a boyfriend who LOVED that haircut.

I'm just bothered at Solange and others who BC...feel "free" about it..then somebody says something...then they got something say back.She got on twitter used up all the periods available to make her point against "haters". If you didn't care why get on a social network and defend a haircut in which there is no hair left?


Own that cut!!! Find the right products for your hair, get a shape up, some earrings, and for goodness sake...don't go barefaced. If you don't like makeup,throw on some shades or something with that baldie.:) Hell, Solo, your creative than a mutha...dye the ish up like red, yellow and green.:)


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Another Beauty Score! OPI Spain 2009 Collection

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Remember when I my mom gave me OPI The Paige Demin Collection... minus 1?

Well, yesterday she left me on the counter at her house OPI Spain Fall 2009 Collection( Or Colleccion de Espana). (check out Scrangie's take on them:) loves it, loves her).some of them

I got Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees, Barefoot in Barcelona, Ate Berries At The Canaries,Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, Can You Tapas This?, and Give me Moor.

Now if she roll up with some OPI Mattes...I might roll over and DIE!lol!

Thanks Grandma.:) Even though you want me to hustle them on Ebay.:(


N.O.T.D: OPI The "It" Color....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I bought OPI The 'It' Color back in February, I think. I got it at Trade Secrets out of the 75% basket....

(pic with flash) The true color is actually "school bus" yellow. Golden yellow.

( pic w/o flash)...I did the design myself. Just playing around.:)

N.O.T.D: OPI A Grape Fit!....

Friday, July 17, 2009

( without flash) This the truest to the color of OPI's A Grape Fit. It's gorgeous!!! A creamy dark lavender...

( with the flash) Looks grey, eh?

Review: Wet N' Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hey Folks!!

So, I grabbed two Wet N' Wild Idol Eyes Creme Eye Shadow Pencils in Electro(blue) and Envy( Green) from CVS via $5.50 in Extra Bucks. I was going to buy a magazine but saw them on a display in the shampoo aisle *shrugs shoulders* and decided the pick them up.

They were $1.99 a piece.

This pic is my busted eyebrows that I need to get at... lol!... and the Idol Eyes Pencil in Envy by itself. I didn't base my eye because I wanted to see how they held up...

I use a green from one of my Santee palettes and a white color shadow on the brow bone to tie in the look...

Final Look.
Well, I can say that they CREASE. Even under an eye shadow, within three hours I had major "crease-age". Normally, any eye shadow pencil from a cheapie to a MAC Shadestick is good for a base but these didn't hold up. But the pigment is gorgeous and I can't wait to use the Electro( blue) colored one. *sigh* And I was planning on copping the other colors.
Have you tried these? What do you think?

Update: WnW/Lucky Magazine Promotion Gift...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Remember when I won the Wet N Wild/Lucky Magazine Promotion in the July issue of Lucky Magazine?... here's the link.

Well....It arrived today and this is what I won....

a lip gloss. a makeup bag. a coupon.

Now...the reason I'm acting so cynical about this is that the "ARV( actual retail value)" says $50 in the ad.


This not $50 worth.Do you know what $50 of WnW looks like? It's the most of the display in the store and they send me this!

I know I say free is better than nada...but come on...


-It came within a month of winning

-I got a the new WnW lip gloss to review

-I got a coupon I'm going to use to get the rest of their new e/s crayons I saw in CVS.I already have two.:)


Rural Glamour: Beauty Pet Peeve...Barefaced-ness...:)

This has been bothering me for a long time....I call it "barefaced-ness". I've seen it online, various websites,church, being out and about, etc, etc....

**You have on a bad outfit, hair and nails did and done, shoes and handbag just right...yet you have on no makeup...BAREFACED-NESS!!!***

And STOP it right now with "I don't how to do makeup" or "I don't do makeup" or ( my favorite excuse) "I don't have TIME to put on makeup" But YOU had time to go to the mall,waxed on and off about this hot outfit you got,drag people to the mall with you...yet you can't do 5 minutes of lipgloss and mascara.

As my Diva, B.Scott would!!!

But your cousin Jamesy is here to help. In the next set of photos, I will show how to combat BAREFACED-NESS in about four steps....

#1( above)

Me...BAREFACED. But not dressed up. I was about to run an errand or two. But like Kimora Lee Simmons says " Leave the house dressed as if you might run into your worst enemy".

I did two coats of mascara and a golden sheer shade of lip gloss... See the difference? My eyes look "open" and my mouth ain't dry looking...

Fill in the brows...Jesus!!...I can't tell many times I see women with perfectly arched brows but they need just a little filling in because they have sparse areas. I used a Wet N Wild Brow Kit( complete with brush, two colors and a brow wax for wild hairs)

Now...I still look " BARE". Because I have splotchy areas and uneven color on my face...

Apply powder.This can be a powder foundation or just translucent powder to combat oiliness for a bit. It gives face "finish" and brings you WHOLE look together...
And the point is ....pulling your look together. Makeup is the cherry on top:)...

Rural Glamour:My CCO Dilemma...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Watch the video....

What you think I did? Answer soon....

Okay...couldn't wait....I didn't go.:)


N.O.T.D: OPI Over The Taupe...


This is OPI Over The Taupe for the Paige Demin Collection. Reminds me of Sephora Metro Chic but a bit sheer. I did two coats and I could still see my nail underneath the color. All those taupe nail colors look like creek water...murky and dirty.


Shopping My Stash: Episode One...Tarte Eye Shadow Duo in Kamalame Cay...

Monday, July 06, 2009

Well...its late but this is my Fourth of July Look/Shopping My Stash/ Non-Tutorial...Why "Non-Tutorial"? Well, I'll probably never do any. I'm just not that hot on displaying my "technique" like I know what I'm doing and I'm doing it good enough to be a "guru".

Because, I'm pretty sure we have all watch those YouTube tutorials that you went..

"Why does think she can do makeup...ewww."

Yep. Not everyone on that joint can do them...very well. I am one.:) So my channel will have a bit of a different angle. It's going to be...Me...real life as a beauty addict and random beauty addict posts.

Hopefully, no one will ask for a tutorial.:)

Watch the video...subscribe...I promise to entertain!


N.O.T.D. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Blue Me Away...

Happy Monday!!!

I just did this N.O.T.D this morning...Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Blue Me Away. Its a great sky blue...but unfortunately out of all those different colors I saw in the collection( about 20 or so) it was the only one to catch my eye...step it up Sally Hansen.

Out of these two pictures...the first picture is the truest to what it really looks like.

Beauty Score and 1000th post!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Thanks to my mother..I now have the Paige Demin O.P.I. collection...well most of it...check out the video:)
I'm wearing On The Same Paige and toes...:)

And this my 1000th post!! I know I missed my blog birthday somewhere? Oh well...three years in the game will do that to!