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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Dig Fig and Hydro Electric Review.....

Monday, May 04, 2015

Hey Everybody!!

If you follow me on Instagram, You know I scored a Sally Hansen Miracle Gel set at an awesome price from CVS. I've been wanting try this polish forever! So let's get into this review!

I purchased the set from CVS. In this set,the Gel Top Coat and the Gel Color in  Dig Fig was included.

I applied one coat of Dig Fig and one coat of the Gel Top Coat.

This is the wear on my left hand after two days. My right hand was worse. 

Then I found a clearance Gel Color in Hydro Electric in Target for $5.58. I used a $2 off coupon that is found inside of the Dig Fig Gel Color Kit's box and got it for $3.58. The Gel Color alone ranges up to $9.99. I haven't seen any where cheaper than $10.
This is Day One.
This is Day Two
This is Day Three. After three days, both hands were a chipped mess.

With Hydro Electric, I applied two coats of Gel Color and two coats of Gel Top Coat.

I gave both polishes the run around. That means, I wore no gloves while washing dishes or cleaning, applied no extra top coats or no extra touched ups.

The Gel Top Coat is fast drying. 
( I tried the Gel Top Coat on top of a regular polish and it didn't make the polish last any longer than usual)


I wasn't disappointed because I was kind of expecting this kit not to work. Most of these drugstore gel coat kits that don't require any heat lamp don't last well on my nails. I've tried several including a DIY hack from Pinterest with no luck. I did like that the Gel Top Coat was fast drying. The color Hydro Electric lasted longer than Dig Fig. The Gel Colors I had were also very opaque but neither had any lasting power no more than a regular polish.

Well, after alllllllll of these drugstore/DIY gel color kits, I'm finally going to go for the gusto, a salon Shellac Gel Color. Stay tuned for that episode!!!

Have you tried any drugstore or salon Gel colors? What are your favorites? Let me know!