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NK HD Project:Weekend Smokey and Church Blues and Browns

Monday, October 12, 2009

I play in my make-up constantly.

I learned the hard way that this was a good way to learn any technique.

This weekend, I 'played' in the makeup...

Sunday, I wore NK HD shadows in #3021 and #3016
I also used NK Reflection Duo lipstick/lipgloss in R001....a berry, chocolate color. It was $1.99
I freaking love this duo...I must go check out the other colors again....
Complete look for Sunday!!! With a goofy smile:)

Saturday, on my way out, I practiced and rocked a smokey eye with NK HD in #3017 and Sephora Duo in No 5....

I think I did really good....Smokey eyes are tricky for my eye...this a probably a year's worth of progress...

NOTD: Hard Candy Mr. Wrong....

Believe it or not....

The 2nd Wal-Mart I checked...had the entire Hard Candy line....( for peeps in my area, its the E. Main Street Wal-Mart in Spartanburg. Dorman Center Wal-Mart has it too:))

I stood and picked, edited, open cellophane packages of super cute products. But at the end, it was just pretty, trendy packaged makeup that I had seen before....I thought none of of it was fresh or new, just cute and cheap.

I felt like Hard Candy belonged in Target but the prices would be WAYYYY higher.

I'll kept perusing and scoping out everyone else's review before I buy anything else. I'm actually proud of myself for not getting caught up in packaging because I do. I'm a Marketing dream customer!

I only picked up Mr. Wrong Nail Polish....thanks to Nouveau Cheap who did a NOTD and review on it:)!

Picture do no justice. Its a gold/silver/ copper foil with undertone of a shimmery purple.... I own nothing like can't compare it. But I can say if you don't buy anything from the Hard Candy line....get Mr. Wrong. It a nail polish homerun.:)


A Tarte-ish Brow Part 2- Tarte The Toolbox....

Happy Monday!!!

On Part 2 of "A Tarte-ish" Brow...I'm reviewing The Toolbox, a complete kit for brows. The good people over a Tarte sent me the color " Medium" for they were SOLD OUT of "Dark"'ll see where this will make a difference.

The kit includes mirror, brow gel, mini brow pencil, mini tweezers, brow wax, brow powder and a mini slanted/angle brush.
It also included brow stencils to achieve the right shape for your brow...with instructions.

The instructions alone made me just don't get instructions with some products these days. lol!:)
I used Full Arch stencil as my shape. It goes a bit higher than my natural shape, but I would wear a "high" arch like that...I guess that's the drama in me!

But as you can see, in the natural light, the color, Medium, is all wrong. Its a grey, ash brown instead of the black brown I use. I wanted the try this so bad, I took what they had left!!! So the color choice is my fault.:(
-I love the brow gel. No big reason. I'm an original brow gel girl from the 90s, when that was all I had to work with in the halls of Phelps.

-Compact size is tres cute. How did they fit all those goodies in the small container. Genius Tarte.

-Travel friendly, handbag friendly, and pretty pocket friendly for what you get....I would invest in my right shade of color.

-The stencils were pointless for me. But, for someone who has no brows or little brows left OR need help with their brow shape, the stencils are a plus. My mom probably could used them since she has very little brow hair left.

-The tweezers were tight and hard to manage.

-The Medium shade was the wrong color for me.

- The hairs in the slanted/angle brush were too loose so I couldn't get the sharp line I like in the end of my brow shape.
Overall....I still want the Dark shade with a tighter brush.:)