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Super Rave: Pangea Organics...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

As said in my New Year's Beauty Resolutions, I'm trying out new beauty products in either a natural or organic make. "Green Glam" I call it!! I received a fantasic package from Pangea Organics that included Italian Green Mandarian With Sweet Lime Facial Toner and Italian Red Mandarian With Rose Facial Cream.

Italian Green Mandarian With Sweet Lime Facial Toner- The first thing that I love about the Pangea's products is that the packaging( the box) is a molded fiber box that you can plant and it grows into Genovese"Italian" Sweet Basil. Isn't that great! At least for this foodie but I sprayed the toner after washing my face. The sweet fresh scent is not to green- grassy but just fresh enough to be used as a scent if you like. I felt really safe knowing there were no petroleum,detergents, or artifical colors. It quenched my skin in preparation for the facial cream.

Italian Red Mandarian With Rose Facial Cream- I applied this as the package instructed patting it into the skin instead rubbing it in. It's scent is fresh to and the cream very hydrating. I would love this as a body cream.

Please visit their fun, informative site @:


My Mark Haul!!!

Femme 4 Eye Quad, mark. Sassy Dry Oil Mist,Toute Sweet Marshmellow Body Creme,Toute Sweet Kissable Powder,Glow Baby Glow Luxe in Orhid Luxe and Pearl Luxe, and Pro Glimmer Lip Powder in Posh and Prim and Pro Gloss Lip Shine in Swank and Swell.
Confectionary Clutch,Fit To Be Tied Bag, Perfect Zen Earrings in Silver and Brass