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Sunday Best? Part II

Monday, November 19, 2007

I've been watching this!! I like the top four they got and they are all my favorites but in order I'll list my favorites and why....
4) Crystal- Not doubt she can "sang". But I would love to see her come softer on a song and more melodic... She got the chops but can she but versatile?
3) Jermaine- He is so fly and his riffs are serious but he's got really own every song he sings to win.
2) Emily- Emily, Miss Emily. Touches my spirit every time. I would buy her album in a second. I just love her voice and her presence is just golden.
1) Shari- #1 pick from day one. She has a voice that takes every song and makes her own. Just imagine what she could do for songs written just for her?
If you watch...Who's your winner? Let me know!!

"L"ike Eww...

Hey cousins!
I received a sample of this in the mail on Friday and decided to put it on after a nice hot bath....
It stinks...I don't like it AT ALL.
It smelled like a sour Glow by JLO and it smells sour to me. I was not impressed.
And you know there is probably a "A", "M", and "B" in the works.
Who liked it and Who didn't? Let me know!

Happy Birthday Mu Xi!!!

The Mu Xi Chapter was founded on the campus of Winthrop College on November 19, 1978. It was officially chartered on December 12, 1978 . The International President was Soror Barbara K. Phillips and the South Atlantic Regional Director was Soror DeLoris Oliver. Led by its first Graduate Advisor Soror Eliza Walker Mills, the "Transcendent Twenty-Three" embarked on a legacy that would persevere.

Happy 29th Birthday to my undergrad chapter, MuXi!!!