~Adorn'd~ Being Crafty...Extending my "Short" necklaces with ribbon....

Friday, June 10, 2011

 Hey Everyone!

I have several necklaces that I think are too short for my neck.Plus I can never find anything to wear with them at their length, but I thought if I extended them, ala ribbon, they would be perfect to wear longer.

So the two top necklaces are from Target...
 The green beaded one in this picture is from Target too and the wooden one is Salvation Army find...
 Ribbon! lots of it...courtesy of my semi-craft hoarding parental unit. I didn't even ask before I used them.:)

For the clear necklace and did a pretty mauve pink ribbon and for the green necklace I did green ribbon. I made the ribbon equal on both sides of the necklaces but  long enough for adjustment....

 For the multicolored beaded necklace I did a mix of green, blue and purple for a little flavor. The brown beaded necklace got brown ribbon.

Why did I feel like I got new jewelry today!?!? I'm super happy on how they came out. Can't wait to rock them.:)

~Must Have! MAC All of My Purple Life!!!~

I haven't bought any thing MAC, since I bought MAC Sassy Grass eyeshadow. Really. That's it.

But this "All of my Purple Life" lipglass from the MAC Bloggers' Collection is going to be my next purchase! Created by Patrice of Afrobella, she swatches in on her lips and a hand in this video.

beautiful...I was gasping the whole video! Can't wait til' June 21!