What happens Target...

Monday, May 12, 2008

....never stays at Target. I avoid Target unless I got about $200 EXTRA bones in my pockets because I spend to much there.*Wondering if "Dub" has a employee discount* wink*

Anywho...I go in there to do some blog work, scope out some new products, and such and end up spending about $75 mostly on the boys' some goodies and on the One Spot section.How I spent $25 in a dollar section, I don't know. But the real catch was the $4.98 Loeffler Randall clutches I scored in rose gold and gold that left me gleaming.

I wuv Target. Dub, get at me with that discount! lol!


Green to Live By!...

Besides finding great deals on kitchen gadgets, kids clothing and toys and beauty haulage, Marshall's also hits the spot on books. Like 2.99 books. I picked up FoodTo Live By:The Earthbound Organic Cookbook for 2.99 at Marshall's and I have been reading it from cover to cover. Not because I'm also a cookbook fiend, because it tells the story of the Earthbound Farm company and give great definitions and tips on shopping natural and organic. It even gives hyper comprehensive field guide to lettuce and greens! My favorite veggies!


Super Rave: Treat Beauty Sugar Paint Mineral Glaze

Quick Poll: Red Kool-Aid or Fruit Punch Kool-Aid? lol!!
Well, my lips enjoyed Treat Beauty's Sugar Paint Mineral Lip Glaze in Fruit Punch Saturday and Sunday. It smells like chocolate because its all natural and made of organic hotness and shine is super sexy!
I'm now needing that Brown Sugar and Pink Grapefruit in the "Diva" bag(aka my handbag) for the haul!