Missing Earrings: RG Grammy Fashion Wrap Up Part Two!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Aunt BJ might jump me for this one. But her baby's mama was not fab in that dress.
Did anybody hear Jigga-mang say he had a two floor closet? Wearing that brooch...
It was good to see Ye' in that piece...RIP Mama Soror Donda.
My LS Shannan texted me and said,"Did Bey step on Tina in that performance?" lol! Check out www.realgossip101.blogspot.com for the real deal.:)
She looked BORING. Sorry, Fashion kids. And her hair fell just as flat.
That performance with The Time. I think the song, Please Don't Stop the Music is very Cece Peniston-esque, love it!! I like her hair here.

photos: www.realgossip101.blogspot.com and www.instyle.com

Missing Earrings:Rural Glamour Grammys '08 Fashion Recap...

Ok. I still feel like death warmed over from this bronchitis but I managed to stay up and watch the Grammy's and the red carpet. The boys and I had Grammy night Nachos( Hint of Lime Tositos, freshly made salsa and guacamole, sharp chedder, sour cream, sauted chicken in taco seasoning and tomatoes) and then I put them to bed!

Akon knew he was hot as hell in that heavy coat. He made my fever go up.

Ne-Yo could get the digits in this emsemble. He looked like he smelled good. lol!

Tasia and Dro looked like they were going to the Rock Hill HS prom. lol! Go Bearcats!( you know I love da Rock.) I can't get over that head of hers and the ashy lipstick she had on. Get a stylist, honey.

Bai Ling will come with the weirdness.
Cousins, this is a lesson for us all. A new Yaki Weave will do it for you everytime!!I likes her hair alot and surprisenly the dress, too. Listen, the Grammy's Fashion is all about fun and art and expression of self. Leave those black and navy dresses at home. That's what cousin Bey did. Thumbs up!
I adored the jewerly and the hair on Nelly. Not a fan of the dress on her though.

Corrine...do you ever wear earrings? She needs some jewelry. And why does she always wear a closed top shoe?
Ah...everyone's favorite Black It Girl, Rihanna. I must say, her head looked better in the back here and during that Morris Day and The Time performance( that was off the hook!!!). Cute Zac Posen dress, she needed some earrings too. You can tell this is first time at the short hair ball game.

Yep...Ludacris could get it. lol! Looking like full on sexiness.

Keyshia...Not a very flattering dress at the top on her and little bland for her flava. Even Mary J. bought fabulous back in the day. but I like her new hair color.

Look out for Part two!!!