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A Tarte-ish Brow Part 1- Tarte EmphasEyes High Definition Brow Pencil....

Monday, October 05, 2009

I get alot of compliments on my brows. "Who do yo' brows?"

"I do."

I'm pretty blessed on that end. A talented kitchen sink beautician am I.:) But, over the years my brows have taken a beating so I fill them in with brow powder or pencil....Just like some have a obsession with the perfect mascara, I can say I have a obsession with the perfect brow fix...

Its a super slim brow pencil with retractable pencil and stiff brush on the end...
Me before EmphasEyes....I do my brows AFTER I've put on all my eye makeup. I've never seen anyone else( especially on You Tube haha!) do that....

-The super slim pencil allowed me to do light strokes so it felt like I was doing mini hair strokes and looked very natural....

-The medium brown is perfect for my dark brows.At first I thought it might be too light when I swatched it on my hand but came out a very soft look and not a harsh...

-This pencil reminds me of Milani Easy Brow which I love but the lead inside is too short. You don't get a month's worth of use for 5.99. I don't know about EmphasEyes but I will update when it runs out.

-Maybe the the pencil is too slim? At times, over the last 3 days, I had to adjust to get a good grip because its is lightweight and thin.
Finished look.:) Part 2 is coming this week....Tarte Toolbox!!!!!


More Nicka K NK HD Shadows....

Happy Monday!!!!

I had the chance to pick up some more $1.49 NK HD shadows from my BSS( Beauty Supply Store). I got( from the bottom right and up):

3005- ( MAC Heritage Rouge Dupe)
3006-( MAC Parrot Dupe)
3024-(MAC Starburst or Pink Pearl Pigment)
3026-(MAC Bright Force)
Today I used 3037 ( MAC Carbon Dupe) + 3025+ 3006 ( MAC Parrot Dupe)....