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Getting right...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm so sorry I've been missing. Last week, my family was in town from New York and Chicago and I transferred to my permenet location for my job and we had our grand opening there. Plus, the midgets have been with their dad all week, so I'm suffering from heartbreak as usual. I have magazines and catalogs( such as that new Fall Sephora yumminess) piling up beside my love seat, unread. I need a pedicure badly and I'm just plain ole' worn out. Every morning I awake, no matter what treatment I've done the night before, my face looks like a 50 year old. Bags under my eyes, skin oily. I'm in desperate need for a mid summer skin care overhaul!!! My Cover Girl Advance Radiance Age-Defying Liquid Makeup in Toasted Almond has been saving my face each day, giving it some renewal. Plus in order to look decent, I have to put on a "face" or I look like I need some sleep. Starbucks Sumatra blend coffee will do any so much!

Here's few bullet points and such...

-As my LS Dynisha said in our "probate" show, "Number 11, "Renaissance".I've been revitalized, AKA-sized, and REBORN!!!". That's exactly what happened to Soror Star Jones Reynolds. She looks better than ever!!!I think she went to Kappa Conclave with Al and got a makeover...:)

-Why did my aunt almost throw my Sephora catalog in the trash? A family scuffle was about to go down!!!

-31 days til the big 3-0. I can't wait.:)

-Happy Birthday to Spencer and Kelton!, my "bam-bam babies". They are 3 now. I got pictures from their pre-birthday bash...I post them soon.

-That MAC Smoke Signals Collection looks WONDERFUL!!!

-Seriously, I feel like shaking Linda Wells and Allure...what in the hell in Britney Spears doing on that cover? Ugh.

-Is it me or is the Fall Shoe and Handbag Trends seriously fly for the '07?

-Right now, I'm reading to The Nanny Diaries in antispation on the release of the movie...

Love you all!!