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J's TV Time!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Hey all!

Sorry I haven't posted but I've stuck to the TV lately. I told ya'll I was not watching anymore ANTM.It's hard because that was one of my fav shows,but it's too tacky this season. Note to Tyra, take a break.(I'm going to write her a letter:))

My mom and I stayed up to watch Project Runway. She finally agreed that we need a TIVO because we were both too tired to be up watching TV @10pm.We both got mega pissy when Uli stole Nazri the muse from Micheal,ugh!! And Michael,baby, don't make another evening dress, ever.

Last night, I watched Ugly Betty and love it!It was fun but inspirational at the same time.I finally got something to watch on Thursday.You know BET will be coming back with their stupid shows for the season.Vanessa Williams is so fabulously villianous I could die!!

J Avon Holiday exclusive!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Check Out these new items that mark will be having for the Holiday 2006 season.They come out in November!!

List of Items in the makeup case:
Snap To It Custom Color Palette (Favorite Colors Make Your Own Face Case)

I-Mark eye shadow in Biscotti

Good Glowing blush in Cameo Glo

Powdermatic powder in Medium.

Hook Ups - On the Edge eyeliner in Cleo

Scanda-Lash mascara in Blacklash

Glow Baby Glow lip gloss in Hot Super

10 Eyeshadow Applicators for a flawless Application

10 Mascara Brushes for a flawless Application


How Cheeky....

Long ago( maybe about six years ago) I was not a blush girl. I didn't even know how to apply it. Me the makeup addict DID NOT know what color I should use. It wasn't until on a "wanderbaout" in Walgreens with "Soror Morgan" that I fell for blush. She,the former beauty pageant queen/the realest girly-girl I know, picked up a plum color from the Cover Girl display and said "Buy This". We went back to apartment where she explained I should smile and apply at the apples of my cheeks. It worked wonders for my lack of cheekbones. These days,I am blush fanatic, always trying different shades and ways I can illuminate my face.Here are my top TEN blush favs:

Loreal Blush Delice in Front Page Peach-From the Photomagique 2006 story.has been compared to NARS Orgasm.

Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss in Marigold- a bronzy cheek gloss for a pretty glow.I wear it in the winter when the wind is blowing for extra face protection.

Loreal Blush Delice in Ginger Snap-From the Loreal Pink Panther color story with Beyonce. Gorgeous golden brown with peach highlights.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Soft Plum-One the first of the mousse blushes from the Dream Matte Mousse collection. I bought because one of Maybelline African American Models was wearing the color in the display.

VS Sexy Cheeks Mosaic in Champagne-From the old VS makeup line. Great over a DMM Soft Plum Blush.

Rimmel Soft Blush in BabyKiss-When you first see it,it looks too pink but gives a great flush to the cheeks

Loreal HIP Blendable Blushing Creme in Tickled-It's almost cranberry colored. I like to pair it with the new berry lips for fall.

Loreal Touch On Colour in Golden Amplifier-From Loreal story with Beyonce wearing all the rainbow on her face! It's just what it says it is,gold with a punch.

mark. good glowing in Love Glow-A delicious pink found in the Falling in Love Palette from 2003.

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Breezy-Intense fuschia pink that I have apply lightly and I love it dearly!

What are your favorite blushes and what your secret to a fabulous cheeks?



Super Rave of mark. Bohista Suedeshine and Suedeshadow Quads

Monday, September 25, 2006

Last week I told ya'll about my recent purchase from mark. Bohista Suedeshadow and Suedeshine Quads. Well I must say that I'm extremely over the top in LOVE with these fab finds! First the Suedeshine Quad consist of:

Rebel: a deep bronze color

Sophisicate: a golden shimmer color

Swinger: a light raspberry shade

Hipster: a bronze with red accents shade

They all go on sheer but with lots of punch. They smell delicious( like cotton candy I think) and they even have sweet taste to it. I worn every shade since Thursday and proclaimed this as my best Fall Beauty find, so far!! The only thing I would change is that it needs some kind of mirror, it's slightly gooey, and it has to applied with a lipbrush which is not included. You also have layer it lightly for your selected intensity. I still highly recommend it at only $9.

The Suedeshadow Quad is includes:

Exotic- a red tinted bronze

Nomadic- a champagne colored shimmer

Ecletic- a copper shimmer

Chic- a maroon shimmer

Sounds like "what a combination"! Well, they go on smooth with good color. To me they are not sheer at all. All of shadows work together or alone.My fav out the bunch is Nomadic which when applied to the brow bone is stunning. It doesn't look over done. My only negative would be a mirror needs be included. Suedeshadow Quad is only $9 too.

Please add these pallettes to your Fall list!!

Photo: Ebay Listing

Birthday Bumps and Bruises

As you may know my uneventful birthday was this weekend. I was just waiting for the day to end as usual. It didn't go by without its up and downs. My oldest twin, Bubba Boo, had a fever. He runs fevers at least one a month. Every time a take him to the doctor and they say he has some infection( throat,sinus,stomach) and gives him an antibiotics. Well, his father says that he ran fevers like that when he was young and stayed in the hospital. He never knew why though. I'm going demand that he is sent to a specialist of some sort because he is not very good patient when he is sick and he's such a dramatic actor! Even after the fever broke he was playing the victim with his Grandma. I told her that Bubba Fat is going to be a star one day:) My youngest twin, Brownie Pecan, was well mannered and content and seemed to enjoy our trip to Kanpai in Spartanburg. But you can't take him in a store because he's kleptomanic. He touches everything and there is rarely a time that we don't walk out of store and he has something at the bottom of the buggy or stroller.He's strategist, he'll be a good with money one day because he knows what he's doing!

I got some cash, birthday cards(I love getting cards!),and two DVD's, Madea Goes to Jail and Why Did I Get Married. I have all of the Madea movies now. If there is anything that can put me in a good mood is a Madea DVD. Tyler Perry is so talented and Madea reminds me of Granny, Big Granny,and Aunt Lib all in one.

Only thing that I asked of God for my birthday was for my family and sanity to be intact. Those who know what's going on in my life right now, well I'm not "fighting" anymore because I won battle #2 on Friday. Hallelujah!!

Thanks to all of my family and friends and fellow blog pals for my well wishes for b'day!!!

Love you all and may God bless you beyond your wildest dreams!!!

Love you


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Look who's 29!!!

Next! ANTM Cycle 7 premiere...

Friday, September 22, 2006

This season's ANTM is a the tackiest one I have ever seen. Here are my views on it:

-initially Monique was my favorite but her personality is absolutely sickening almost intentionally bitchy. It makes her look real ugly. She would have NEVER stole my bed because I would've gotten crunk on her and I would've just gotten kicked off the show.

-I like A.J. but how many times has Tyra done androgynous? I mean give it up, Tyra.

-I like Jaeda too. Doesn't she remind you of Corinne From Cycle 5?

-Was Tyra's hair like horribly big? Tell your stylist to not your double tracks.

-I like the twins but I'm partial to twins anyway!

-Anchal remindes me of the Asian girl from last cycle. Beautiful yet very ethnic but no self esteem. Plus I don't think Anchal has a lot of variety in her look. She's a stunna though.

-I'm pissed that they eliminated Christian. And I know what ya'll are thinking,"J's taking up for her cuz she's from Columbia S.C." I thought that she didn't know her angles that's all.She was beautiful.Melrose should have gotten the boot.She had one the best themes and she screwed it.

I won't be watching it this season. I rather watch the new season of Top Chef. ANTM Cycle 7 reminds me of the Real World. Once they did the Las Vegas Season, it got real predictable.



The Wednesday Haul

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Today I hit the Avon store and got the new Bohista fragrance by mark.It's "a earthy blend of of ginger lily, magnolia,and chocolate. Yummy!! I also got the Bohista Suedeshadow Quad and Lip Gloss Quad. I haven't tested the eyeshadows but the lip glosses are so nice. First, they smell like cotton candy, taste sweet and look beautiful in their palette. I put on the bronze( there two bronzes but the other has a red highlight to it.). I also picked up Milk Made Milk Bath Milk.Now this was discontinued back in 2003 but this Avon store had some for 2.50 a box. The bath milk packets make the water look like milk. Avon used to make one that water looked like chocolate milk and smelled like chocolate!!

I also did the usual Wal-Mart run of diapers,baby wipes and toddler clothes. I mean my boys are growing out of every thing I buy them. But I got for myself Caress original soap( smells like my Granny), Caress Cashmere Luxury Silkening Bath Wash and Caress Glowing Touch Bath Wash. Both of the washes are new Caress products. They smell divine and can't wait to use them. Well off to watch ANTM!


Confessions of Birthday Hater

I have a confession to make:
My birthday is Saturday and I hate my birthday. Not because I'm getting older(I'll be 29) but I always get my hopes up to have a great day and it doesn't turn out that way. Now I'm not the one to have parties for myself or hope that someone will throw me one or ask my friends and family for ridiculous things like out of town trips and dinners they can't afford or gifts I don't need. I just want my family and my sanity to be intact. Last year right before my birthday my dad was diagnosed with cancer. 2004: my children were preemies in Neonatal Intensive Care. 2003: spent the entire day alone. 2002: my boyfriend at time and I were on the outs. 2001: I was working the entire day. 2000: my best friend got married on my birthday.Sounds like the millenium won't give me a break.:) But there is good news.I'm planning a Sephora haul with any birthday money I get, I don't have to work, and going to Kanpai of Spartanburg with my mom and children for lunch. So there is light it the end of the birthday tunnel.


Mini Review:Lumene Firming Day Cream and Night Cream

About two weeks ago I purchased mini sample sizes of Lumene Firming Day Cream and Firming Night Cream. I will have to say that the Night cream is great.It leaves your skin really smooth and you don't wake up in the morning with a oil spill all over your face. My only problem is the smell and 'firming'. It smells like I'm rubbing Elizabeth Arden Red Door all over my face. No offense to Red Door( I know only one person that can wear that, my LS Shannan and it smells good on her) but I don't like it. The 'firming' aspect,I didn't notice any difference in my skin. I know,I'm 28, but I would think that my pores would get smaller at least.

The Day Creme is definetly a 'thumbs down'. It's way to oily for the day and my combination skin and of course the perfume-y smell and the non-firming effect added makes it a no buy. I guess I will not be buying full sizes of neither product.:( I would only recommend these cream to someone with dry skin and who can take the smell and doesn't want to risk spending a lot of money on a department store/specialty store moisterizer.


The List Fall 2006 part I

Monday, September 18, 2006

Saturday was absolutely boring. I worked but all I will say that it wasn't my usual Saturday of magazine reading and internet surfing .I worked with my director who is the most amzaing woman but complete workhorse. So she doesn't play with chilling at the circulatin desk. I knew this before I went in so I packed my beauty/fashion journal( where I make all of my notes for the blog,ideas, new products,etc.) and Daily Candy A to Z An Insider's Life To The Sweet Life. I could try to get away with reading a book and making notes. I started a list of things to get for fall/winter 2006. It's still in it's preemie stages:

Black jersey knit pants
red and black flats from Payless
a winter/fall coat fit for a Southern winter( so i won't seven coats for all the weather changes)
soft comfy hats
a new foundation and concealor
Black leather gloves
black button down shirt by George @WalMart
cream white sweater coat by George@WalMart
Cream white boots from Payless(seen in InStyle The Look 2006 mag)
black and gray leggings
printed or textured tights
zip up hoodies (to wear under my short blazers)
turtlenecks or crewneck l/s( to wear under my spagetti strapped jersey dresses)
Frye Boots
four new winter scents
ankle boots
Shop Suey Muse Bag
Lumene Night Cream

Still working on it. Got alot of other things I've spotted but didn't make note of.

I'll be back!


In Great Taste...

Friday night I was on a hunt for dinner. There are very few options here in hometown. So I ended up going to the grocery store. While in the checkout line, I grabed the October 2006 Cosmopolitian. Now, I know that Cosmo isn't most classy mag but you have to admit that their beauty,fashion editorials and lifestyle pages are on the money. In it there was a coupon for a free mini gloss from the new VS Sexy makeup collection scheduled to premiere September 19. Also a book review on In Great Taste:Fresh Simple Recipes For Eating and Living Well by Evelyn Lauder. It's a cookbook with recipes that"can contribute to the radiance of your complexion". This definetly a buy NOW. I've already called B&N and they are holding it for me. If you need to pass the time with a fun read, Cosmo's it. It definetly kept my mind off my children in Charlotte with their dad this weekend.


Desk Duty

Friday, September 15, 2006

Right now I'm sitting at my desk taking off nail polish. I know, so against office etiquette but my Goldie Creepy Groovey is peeling. But It lasted pretty good considering I wasn't somewhere scratching my hair and destroying my polish. I used Avon Easy Sweep Nail Enamel Remover Pads. They are so convenient. After that I washed my hands and applied Le Couvent Des Minimes Gardener's Hand Healer from Bath and Body Works. I got a sample on Wednesday. It has a nice light fresh scent to it but it also has that "silicone glove" element, so I can hardly type on my laptop. But the lotion would be great for winter, when you are about to put on gloves and you need to moisterize your hands.

It's that weekend again, that the boys go to their Dad's house and I'm left to figure out my life without them for 72 hours. I know that sounds so Mommy-ish, but I'm bore if I don't have something to do for the kids. At least I have to work on Saturday. But I do need to catch up on much missed beauty treatments, such as a pedicure/manicure, deep conditioner of the new hair,and sifting through my shoes and clothes to find out what I can used from the summer into the fall and what fall stuff I can wear. I also I have many magazines still sitting in their mail plastic and work reading to do. I just got from our InterLibrary Loan The Last King of Scotland by Giles Foden. It's about a Scottish doctor to Idi Amin, one of most notorious dictators of Africa.There's movie being made about it with Forrest Whitaker and Kerry Washington. There is also a great article about it in October's Essence(the one with Queen Latifah on it).

Have a great weekend!

Get Lifted...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's done and over, I got my hair cut clear off! Well not all of it,I have about 1/4 inch all around left. I feel...lifted. Hair is so personal sometimes. Whenever I watch those makeover shows and the women are in tears because their locks are being chopped and they are attached to their hair,I can relate. I was attached for a long time,especially before I had kids because thought that's what men liked. Then I was attached because I thought that's what the kids' father liked. THEN it was what I like but didn't like at the same time.So I decided to waste no time cutting. Now I'vegot to find the right products for my kind of natural. The top of my hair has a pretty curl pattern but my back is coarse. I've had my hair this short before, back in 1997,2000,2001,and 2002. But don't remembered what I used...but I do remember buying alot of stuff by trial and failure.Well, I just fell upon a website called which seems to have some great info on maintaining the fro. Well,I keep every one posted and I hope to get a picture up soon. I can't find my SD card for my camera.:(


Top of the Fashion Game

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Simply F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!
Kelis@Fashion Week Spring 2007
Photos:Young Black and Fabulous

Shopping in the rain...

Today is nasty,wet rainy day in the Carolinas.I don't have a day off this week,so since I had to be at work at noon, I the decided to drive(in the rain) to Spartanburg to do a B&N run and to the mall. I went to mall to just flip around and to pick up a sample of Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology MMPi20 Skin Regenarating Serum at BBW.I received a coupon about two weeks ago and decided to use it. I also picked up BBW's new 3n1 in Pumpkin Pie(It's a 4oz trial size for $3) and my all time favorite night moisterizer Breathe By BBW in At Night.This stuff is miracle worker when you are trying to get some sleep.I got the 1.7oz(remember the budget?) for $8. I ran into one those Gold and Silver Jewelry kiosks in the mall called the Piercing Pagoda and noticed a wonderful selection a costume jewelry like gold tone chandelier earings with beautiful stones. They were just the right length for my neck yet delicate for what I'm about to do.I've decided to cut my hair very short in the next coming days. My mop plus wearing extnesions for the last year has taken it's toll on the mop.So finally I got the courage to shave it down( I'm going to a barber). I'm just going to start over and stop living under this weave/mop:). I'm thinking ordering some Carol's Daughter hair products. I have used the Hair Milk before(I've had a short crop before). But would like maybe some shampoo, a good conditioner, a hair oil, and a gel. I'm pretty exicited about doing it.:)

Going back to my car, I went through Belk where sniffed the new Hillary Duff and Princess by Vera Wang fragrances. I liked the Hillary Duff scent even though it smelled very similiar to Angel by Theirry Mugler. But any I smell with pepper scent smells like Angel. The Vera Wang Princess smelled good but it turned out to be a little too light scented.You can tell it's geared towards a younger woman(15-23).



Bad Mood...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Last night was not a good night.I was not in a good mood because I get home and I got to bathe my kids,play with the kids, put the kids to bed,pick out and iron the kids clothes,eat, fix my lunch,wash dishes, pick out my clothes, take a bath,pack the kids diaper bag, finish washing and drying our clothes and after all this, try to go to sleep. I needed a pick me up. So I painted my nails! I normally don't even do it even though I have vintage train case full of polish plus my win of the elusive Chanel Black Satin on Ebay. I just have no time to keep it up. I can't believe i said that!Anyway,I used one of my Fall favorites,Goldie Creepy Groovey, a chocolate raspberry color I got last year at BBW that has actually kept very well. Then I
used Wet N Wild Fast Top Coat. I used own the fabu OPI Top coat polish but alas I can't afford even that splurge these days.Oh, that's why I was in a bad mood,I'm financially strapped and I want a lot of things for me and the boys.

Then I wake up this morning with a headache because I got little sleep. This morning's pick up: Demeter's Sugar Cookie. Demeters are weird to me but I really like this one.

I hope the day goes better!


Monday, September 11, 2006

This a model from Chris Aire Spring 2007 show at NY Fashion Week. Her makeup is so glowy!I love it.Reminds of my Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss I haven't used in awhile.Maybe I'll dig that up.Any suggestions on eyes and lips?


Fashion Week Spring 2007...Diane Van Furstenburg

Oh how I dream of a vintage DVF wrap dress! Yesterday Ms.Von Furstenburg(my favorite judge on Project Runway along with Catherine Maladrino) presented a beauti array of dresses in mint, red,pinks,yellows in their brightest form.However she did have a couple of tunics matched with leggings! But I guess the 80s are really back. Now I got find me some in size 16-18!!Here are some of my favorite looks.Enjoy!


Bohista J

I'm completely feening for the new collection by mark. called Bohista. It's a collection sultry,sueded, jewel toned, world inspired collection that I already have a wishlist for. Matter of fact,It's order list. I going to put it in today:

Bohista Body Lotion

Bohista Eau De Toilette( got a sample,love it!)

Worldly Glow All Over Face Powder

Kohl Play Eye Smudger Stick in Cinder and Henna

Suedeshadow Eye Quad

Suedeshine Lip Quad

The collection also has some amazing jewelry and bags that I'll have order later on!


Buried Treasures...Summer style

You know I'm notorious for buying things that I forgot I have. Today's buried treasure is something that I KNOW I should have been using all along. I put Smashbox Photo Finish under Maybelline Ever Fresh in Caramel.It gave me and matte finish this morning as I actually had time to put on foundation. I organized all of makeup this weekend and created a mini vanity on my dresser. Now all I need is a good makeup mirror and some pretty containers for my brushes,lipglosses,and eyeshadows. I'm also trying squeeze in some of some summer fragrances before Fall arrives. Today I'm wearing mark. Instant Vacation with matching moisterizer and Instant Vacation Beach Bronzer. I need a Instant Vacation!! Have a great day!!!


Let Us Not Forget...

I just want to give a dedication to all those who died, those who survived, those who helped,those who fought,and those who will never forget September 11,2001. My Mom used to tell me that the day Dr.King died was one of those days she would always remember what she was doing,where she was,and how she felt. Well,9-11 has never left my mind and even though I wasn't in NY,Pennsylvania,or D.C. on that day, my heart and soul was there. I remember as child visiting my relatives in NY,how we would go to lunch at the Windows of the World Restaurant and how when I was on a plane flying into NY,thought to myself,"What wonderful buildings those are."

A short story on where I was:

I had just arrived at work,Ann Taylor Southpark in Charlotte NC. Normally a 30 minute drive,I usually listened to the Power 98 but this morning I was listening to Aaliyah's CD.I arrived at 8:00 am I was happy because I was working 9am-6pm and my boyfriend was off from working at Charlotte Douglass airport and we were going to go to dinner. I remember leaving him in that warm bed and going outside and thinking "What a nice day."

Upon arriving at the AT,my visual merch. manager, Beth and Shane, stock manager was there. They were always fun to work with and Beth would not push me to get all the dusting and vacuuming done before we opened.:) We all were standing around the second wrap desk chatting. Then the phone rang. It was our co-worker,Alveria. She said a plane had hit one the towers of the World Trade Center. We didn't have a TV in the store so went back to stock room to listen to radio. Beth,Shane, and I were disbelief. We thought,maybe it was a little plane, but the operations manager,Mary Beth arrived to say that it was not a little plane but a commercial flight. Not long after she arrived,Alveria called again and said another plane just hit the second tower. I got on the phone and called home and my boyfriend picked up and I said,"Turn on the TV". He did and replied,"Oh My God, those buildings are on fire."

Well,it was time to open the store and like any other day,there were people waiting to get in. Some, had just left home and had saw the tragedy tell us that they heard that their were two to three other hijacked planes in the air. I was completely and utterly terrified.But what I will always remember that their people coming in SHOPPING like nothing happened asking for sizes. We finally closed up when we saw that Victoria's Secret across the hall never opened. I drove home to Rock Hill and traffic was a beast.I still don't remember that drive. I was in shock. I got home and turned on the TV to see the replays of what was happening and the first building fall. I was on my knees crying for GOD to save those people in those buildings in NY and DC. My boyfriend had left, Delta Airlines had called him in to help out at the airport. My girlfriend who was a teacher called me screaming and sobbing from the school she was at. The days after were a blur of anger, sadness, anxious feelings to get somewhere and help someone. This day truly changed my life. I wanted get to closer to all of family and friends because things happen in the blink of an eye. Let us all be mindful of where we were on September 11. Let us not forget.

Love you all,

Dear Fantasia...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I need to write you this letter to let you know how I feel about you. You are just absolutely fabulous!!! You rep the Carolinas to the fullest. I have worn a hole into your CD and I can't wait for the next release.I watched your movie and felt your pain and struggle as a single parent. People may have thought that "Baby Momma" was a corny song but it had a lot of meaning behind it. Keep on encouraging women and girls to go for their dreams.I'm finally seeing mine come forth. BUT I got some things I needs to relay to ya:

1) Now that you got a little paper and you live out in Ballantyne, you can afford to stay up out of the Eastland Mall and Rugged Warehouse for your outfit selection.

2)I love that new hair color!

3)Get that album out quick!I need for you to bring R&B back.

4)Be careful of mens in Charlotte when they say they got a job,no ex wives, and no kids,and their own home.All that glitters is not gold!!

5) Don't pack any nail ploish in your carry-on when coming through Charlotte- Douglass security. I don't want to hear about you on V101.9 or FoxCarolina News,cause you know they'll tell it.

6)And if you see E-Dub,Jen Wes,Jocey-Joce and her husband Man-Dree at the SouthPark Mall,PLEASE speak to them because they will get real mad!

Love you and call me!!


Fashion Week 2007 update...

I know I'm not fashion expert.I'm just a pure addict:). So I'll be posting my favs of the week plus a little commentary to make it fun. But if you what play by play clothes, makeup and celebrities, please visit I'm reading it right now,and the detail to the goings on of Fashion Week is great!!!


I need it though...part IV

I saw a girl Thursday in B&N with this bag. When I first saw the bag up close at the Coach store in Charlotte, I didn't like it. But the girl at B&N had it with her initials "KLK" monogrammed on it. I suddenly like it! But with my budget, this is dream bag. I don't even have a man to buy me one and I can't afford it! On the "wishlist" it goes!!


Baby Phat Spring 2007

I found another site that has all the updated shows,www.nymag/ I was most exicited about the Baby Phat Show.I read somewhere, that Baby Phat runway shows is purely a show and most if not all of the designs never make it to retail or are never sold. The company's profits stem from those little baby t's, jeans, and now fragrance. But it's always a fun show. Here's some of my favs from Spring 2007.


The best week ever!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Today starts the best week on the planet,Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2007. If only I could be in the mix!!!Tonight at 8:00 pm Baby Phat will roll out their collection. Whether you like her not,Kimora Lee Simmons is hustling chick and eye is inpecable. She know glam,fab, and what divas are made of. Plus, her shows are packed with hip hop gliterrati. I always check every day.This website is good on posting the current days shows online. Also,Fashion Rocks Show is coming on tonight on CBS at 8:00pm. Because I don't have a "friday night social agenda" I'll be front of the tube.

Also tonight at Olympus Fashion Week,Chris Aire,The jeweler to the stars is having a show.Has he ventured into clothing now? We'll see...


I need tosay this part II

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Can U believe that this knit hat is 104.00!!!???

I should have known...

I know I'm late on this one(like two years)...But I just started to read He's NotThat Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Truccillo. It's insanely insightful,I feel like I'm reading some spritual revelation. It's me hit like that.
Review later on...


What a B'day

I have to admit it...I'm digging B'Day. I just got it about an hour and out the 10 tracks( what possessed her to do just TEN) I like Suga Mama,Upgrade U, Kitty Kat, Freakum Dress,and the my current fav Green Light. What I have gotten from it so far, If you don't like old school R&B, you are not going to like this because its very funk, with horns and old school samples. And it's no Dangerously in Love, no where near it... Buy it, it's different.


I need it though...part III

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I NEED this bag.It's the YSL "inspired" Muse bag at It's $48. Not a steal in my budget but it would by one my "power" bags for the fall. I have no shame in my shopping game!I'll do "inspired" any day!


Fresh Beauty Start for Fall Part I

This I'm starting my Fall product overall makeover.I'm getting my cleansers, body butters, fragrances, moisturizing, lip glosses,etc. a makeover for the new season. Yesterday,I ran into CVS to pick up another Wet N Wild Brow Stylist Combo in Mocha Brownie and saw that Lumene Skin Care has mini trial sizes of many of their products. In my opinion,Lumene is one the best drugstore based lines around. I think that the trial sizes have always been in CVS, just not in hometown CVS'( We got two.) So I grabbed Lumene Firming Day Cream,Lumene Firming Night Cream and Lumene Milky Touch Gentle Cleansing Emulsion.I used the Cleansing Emulsion last night. It's more like a cold cream in that it needs to removed with tissues. I tried first to rinse it off but ended up wiping it off with my facecloth. It's highly fragrant but I'm going to use it a little more. Next applied the Firming Night Cream. I love the creamy touch but again the scent was too strong, very perfume-y. This morning, I woke up smooth and not overly oily as some night creams can do to you. I washed with Purity Made Simply(I'm going to keep that in the lineup for mornings) and applied the Day Cream. It's wasn't as strong scent wise and it didn't make me oily all day for a cream but I don't think it possesses a sunscreen which I need even though I'm a Caramel cutie:). Give me two weeks and I'll have a complete review of what I'm keeping and what I'm tossing.

Peace chicas!


J's Star Confession Review

Sunday after church in Spartanburg I went on a mad hunt for the new Tracy Reese/Sally Hansen Nail Polishes. I went Edkerd on W.O. Ezell Blvd in and Walgreens on Reidville Rd and found nothing.But at Walgreens I did run into the Loreal Star Confession Colour Riche Lipsticks. I picked up Eva Longoria's Caramel and Noemie Lenoir's Plum. I have to say I was little disappointed. They both very sheer for lipsticks and required at least two to three coats for the intensity I like. Eva's Caramel was too orangey on me and Noemie's Plum was pretty just not intense enough for what I'm looking for. SOOOOO...I'm taking Eva's Caramel back and keep Noemie's Plum to play with maybe with a plum lip liner.


eBay #1 Obsession

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I love this blue one
I like this one the best!
My number one obsession since I found out about the wonderful of bidding on eBay has been Bakelite bracelets.They are the Queen of Vintage Costume Jewelry. I can never seem to win one or bid on one that's not in the hundreds of dollars. Plus, sellers know that real vintage jewelry heads( like moi) will pay anything to win it. Nevertheless,I've never won one or bought one. Yet,Bakelite Bracelets are on the top of my eBay Search list. :)

J's VMA Fashion Wrap Up

LaLa's dress is nice but too much for her and for the VMA's
She look as if she is going to Carmelo's Prom.

I didn't like it:) She could've done better.
That's it Jessica?
Dawn:do a different shoe

D.Woods-you don't have to wear black if don't want to!

Security Check...

If I was travel somewhere fabulous like Italy( I've been dying to go to Italy) I would definitely follow the guidelines of aiport security involving makeup. I found a great list of things in The State newspaper:

Lola Loves Lashes Cake Mascara

Stila Petal Infusions Eye Makeup Dissolver Pads

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Stick

( Anny Bahney,New York Times News Service)

I think these items will keep out of Guamtamo Bay!!


Miss Eva....

I love Eva Mendes. Her beauty and talent are the best things about her to me. But after reading an article/fashion layout about her in September 2006 Lucky Mag,I just love her even more!!
She lists Revlon Skinlights Instant Skin Brightener in Golden Light and Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Black as two of her makeup staples. Her collection for Revlon Star Style is absolutely beautiful.



I need to say this...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Enough of the Marilyn Monroe-eque look Christina...It's getting old!! (Yahoo News)