Pin Of The Week!! How To Wear The Grey Tee.....

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

I also fell out when I saw this pin! The grey t-shirt is MY FAVORITE PIECE OF CLOTHING!!

I seriously own five, six and counting grey tees. I'm so happy when I'm wearing one...


I found this cute pin on Pinterest with different ways of to wear a grey tee.


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Natural Hair: My Wash Day Essentials for Dry, Porous, 4c Hair......

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share my Wash Day Essentials and Routine for my dry, porous( please RESEARCH this, it will change your natural hair LIFE), type 4c hair. I used struggle so much with keeping my hair moisturized, until I realized that it was all about layering moisture rich products BEFORE styling this hair. I'm able to retain moisture for days on end when I start off with a good wash day routine.


 I deep condition on dry hair. I deep condition once a week like clockwork. Before I wash, I deep condition on my dry hair. My porous hair takes the DC better dry. Just 15 mins under a plastic cap is perfect.

My favorite products right now are Nene's Secret My Mom's Hair Masque( My Dollar Tree had a ton!! Check out pictures on my Instagram and Suave Moroccan Infusion Color Care Conditioner( their Moroccan Oil Brand Dupe)


I rinse out the DC and wash my scalp with shampoo twice. If I don't wash my scalp once a week, it gets very angry!! I used have flakes and itching but washing my scalp once a week and removing the product from it cleared up the problem. Then I co-wash my hair with a cleansing conditioner. This keeps my hair soft. I don't put this product on my scalp.

My favorites right now are Shea Moisture Strengthen Grow & Restore Shampoo and Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner.


I apply my leave in conditioners to my clean hair. Right now I'm using two, Shea Moisture Strengthen Grow & Restore Leave In Conditioner and Suave Keratin  Heat Defense Leave In Conditioner. Both products are really creamy and my hair loves that creamy moisture.

Now for the moisturizers. After two leave ins...yes...moisturizer!! Both are water based which helps with the layering of moisture. I'm currently using Jane Carter Solution Hair Nourishing Cream and Palmer's Hair Milk.

My last step after all the products are applied, is SEALING in the moisture. I love shea butter based products for sealing in all the products. Normally I make a Olive Oil & Shea Butter whip butter but I was lazy and bought Nene's Secret Gorgeous Gro to seal it all in. After sealing, I section my hair to either be braided down for whole cap or hair wig with a leave out. This routine is also good for twist outs. I just add a styling product( a wrap lotion) before sealing then twist.

That was A LOT I know but it has worked for me for over four years with different products but same regimen.

Ask any questions!!


Review: Always Off Unique Cloths (Makeup Eraser Dupe)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

Ya'll know I'm always down for a dupe.

So the tea on the beauty blogsphere is that Always Off Unique Cloths( sold at Walmart for $2.98, well at MY Walmart) are  The Original Make Up Eraser Dupe (sold at Sephora for $20). I don't own the Sephora one so this is not a comparison post, just a quick review. Stank you very much!!

I went on my IG and posted a pic of Always Off and asked my divas how to use these cloths. The two answers I received were either with or with out cleanser. Just wet the cloth and remove the makeup.

I tried both ways, and of course the cleanser way took off more makeup because of the product. However, when simply wet, the cloth does work. It does remove makeup. Even hard to remove mascara. It does require a bit of "elbow grease" if you will. You are not going just lightly wipe and the makeup will magically come off. You going to have to WIPE it off, if you understand me. So if you are one to be sensitive about pulling and tugging of the skin( I'm not, but I'm not rough with my face either), this is not for you.

What I see is a microfiber material in a towel. Walmart has a cheap version than the Sephora but this towel is the same thing as the microfiber towel people dry their hair with. What a damn hustle! Why didn't think of that!! The mark up on the Sephora  sold version is the grand hustle!

Have you tried Always Off or the Make Up Eraser? Let me know in the comments!!

Scentbird Perfume Subscription Box Unboxing June 2014 + Coupon Code Link.....

Hey Everyone!!!

I received my third Scentbird Perfume Subscription on June 20th, which was last week. I've noticed that the packages are going out later and later. My first box came on the 15th( which is the day it is promised to arrive), My 2nd box was later, like on the 18th and this box on the 20th. I had to email Scentbird on the 17th because I had not received a tracking email. I received my tracking moments later. I'm ALREADY super impatient with shipping logistics.

Just tell the truth, ya'll don't ship on the 15th. Ok?!?!

But Scentbird hits my Paypal Mastercard like CLOCKWORK for that payment on the 5th. #tea

I had Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin Couture Eau De Perfum in my queue for June 2015. This is what keeps me subscribed....I can get high end, luxury perfume for $15 in a 30 day supply. I'm not ordering Marc Jacobs Daisy or DKNY Cashemere Mist. I can buy those scents at Walmart. I love the smell Jeanne Lanvin Couture.It's so warm, sexy and unique! Check out the notes HERE!

Next month, I suppose to receive Bulgari Mon Jasmin L'Eau Exquise.

Save 25% off your first month (making it around $11.00!!) by clicking HERE! Save some money and get a high end designer fragrance in the process.:)

Free Designer Jewelry From Rocksbox!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

So I just subscribed to a jewelry subscription box I've hearing about all over the web called Rocksbox

My first shipment should arrive soon and I promise to have a review on it but if you want to try Rocksbox along with me and get your FIRST MONTH FREE like I did....CLICK HERE and sign up!

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