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~I Colored My Hair!~ Clairol Textures & Tones in Flaming Desire....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What had happened was... I was bored with my hair. After two and half years of being natural, I was getting bored. That's like a marathon length, 2 1/2 years, considering everyday I see naturals talk about being bored with their hair and just big chopped two, three months ago.

I decided I was going to buy either a curly half wig or color my hair....

Last weekends tempeture in the 80s nixed that wig idea. Wigs in the summer, I've did that, and its horrible. Its like a dry cleaners on the top of your head. You know how hot it is in the cleaners?

I picked up Clairol Textures & Tones in Flaming Desire at one of the local BSS'. I read lots of great things about Textures and Tones from several naturals, especially ones with hard to cover grey.


I've had rinses but never a "lift" in color. But, I did the RESEARCH before I bought it and did the color myself. I wanted color last year, but I was struggling with porosity issues and maintaining moisture. Once I learned how to maintain moisture and work around my porosity problems, I felt confident diving into color.

Before.....literally, that same day. LOL!
Before I washed the color out, shampoo'd and conditioned.
 I saw alot of naturals complaining that the color didn't take well but even as a color virgin, I know that in order for the color to "bloom", it needs heat, so I sat under the dryer with the color for 30mins as my processing time.

After the wash, before the deep conditioner.... I was surprised at the brightness!!
The day after....

I LOVE IT. Literally, I was what I needed. I feel this color so much!!!

As you can see, I only did the front section, half of my head in color because I wasn't sure what I whole head would look like. Some of hair on the edges did not take because I had Vaseline around my face so it wouldn't stain my skin and the Vaseline covered some the hair. My hairline is all in my face, its hereditary. smh.
I'll go back in about a month or two, maybe July and touch the edges up.

I love that it has a bit of a ombre effect to it as it goes to the back. I'm seriously considering doing the whole head. Can you believe my hair has been black or black brown for 34 years?!?? LOL!

Now I'm deciding if I want to lighten my brows....


~Fresh Coat~ Revlon Top Speed in Orchid

 I change my polish like twice a week, sometimes just for the weekend. Revlon Top Speed in Orchid was my weekend mani this past weekend. Even tho I love the color, the longevity sucked. Its was Next Day Chipping like...Next Day Shipping, it came quick.:(

But the color is gorgeous. Its a very pretty pink/lavender flat shimmer. This application was two coats.

I wonder if Revlon changed the formulas on the Top Speeds when they did the new packaging? I remember the ones were longer lasting and they even stained.

If you know, let me know! LOL!