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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Today's been a long day. You know how its payday and you are still depressed about it. Yep...Payday made me depressed. But...I just dropped off a Avon/mark order at Linda's Avon. The first in months...lately I haven't seen anything in the Campaigns I dig. Jillian Dempsey has some great collections out...I couldn't find them online, but when my order comes in, I'll make sure to take pics:). Today, I saw a two girls, teenagers come in with these pink Converse high tops and the low tops on. I like the low tops better...and I think I want a pair. I'll pair it with some of slouchy jeans and cute vintage t-shirt. The challenge will be making them 'grown up' for the 'about-to-be' 30 year old. Any suggestions in outfit...Holla!

I got an email from Allure/Dior for a makeup workshop. Westgate Mall in the 'Burg actually has a Dior counter, in Dillards. So this the free gift with only two product purchases. I signed up...I need to freshen up my makeup collection for the fall.