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I need it though...part III

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I NEED this bag.It's the YSL "inspired" Muse bag at It's $48. Not a steal in my budget but it would by one my "power" bags for the fall. I have no shame in my shopping game!I'll do "inspired" any day!


Fresh Beauty Start for Fall Part I

This I'm starting my Fall product overall makeover.I'm getting my cleansers, body butters, fragrances, moisturizing, lip glosses,etc. a makeover for the new season. Yesterday,I ran into CVS to pick up another Wet N Wild Brow Stylist Combo in Mocha Brownie and saw that Lumene Skin Care has mini trial sizes of many of their products. In my opinion,Lumene is one the best drugstore based lines around. I think that the trial sizes have always been in CVS, just not in hometown CVS'( We got two.) So I grabbed Lumene Firming Day Cream,Lumene Firming Night Cream and Lumene Milky Touch Gentle Cleansing Emulsion.I used the Cleansing Emulsion last night. It's more like a cold cream in that it needs to removed with tissues. I tried first to rinse it off but ended up wiping it off with my facecloth. It's highly fragrant but I'm going to use it a little more. Next applied the Firming Night Cream. I love the creamy touch but again the scent was too strong, very perfume-y. This morning, I woke up smooth and not overly oily as some night creams can do to you. I washed with Purity Made Simply(I'm going to keep that in the lineup for mornings) and applied the Day Cream. It's wasn't as strong scent wise and it didn't make me oily all day for a cream but I don't think it possesses a sunscreen which I need even though I'm a Caramel cutie:). Give me two weeks and I'll have a complete review of what I'm keeping and what I'm tossing.

Peace chicas!


J's Star Confession Review

Sunday after church in Spartanburg I went on a mad hunt for the new Tracy Reese/Sally Hansen Nail Polishes. I went Edkerd on W.O. Ezell Blvd in and Walgreens on Reidville Rd and found nothing.But at Walgreens I did run into the Loreal Star Confession Colour Riche Lipsticks. I picked up Eva Longoria's Caramel and Noemie Lenoir's Plum. I have to say I was little disappointed. They both very sheer for lipsticks and required at least two to three coats for the intensity I like. Eva's Caramel was too orangey on me and Noemie's Plum was pretty just not intense enough for what I'm looking for. SOOOOO...I'm taking Eva's Caramel back and keep Noemie's Plum to play with maybe with a plum lip liner.