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~25 Days of Beautiful Gifting Ideas~ Day 11- For The Beauty & Fashion Obsessed Reader.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hey Everyone!!

Today's gifting ideas are for the makeup addict who loves books. Now, she might like fiction one day, biographies the next, but its nothing like good strong beauty & fashion book filled with memories, victories and history to make her happy!! Why yes, I just described myself.:)

So here are some of my top picks that would awesome to give the beautiful bibliophile in your life.

***I'm CRAVING to read this!! Initially I was just going to download it to my Kindle Fire but I saw the hardcover in  Barnes & Noble and I need for it to be mine!!

I have a snippet of this book on Kindle. Its about the struggles between the woman who created Barbie and Mattel, the company who manufactured her.

Helena and Elizabeth going head up on the corner of 5th Avenue??...a popular beauty business tale of rivalry in literary form.
One of my ABSOLUTE favorite books. If you are someone who aspires to go into the beauty business of creating your own products, this is a MUST READ.


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