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Seven Days of Rural Glamour Hair...Day 3...Aphogee Intensive 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If you are hair junkie... you heard the hype on Aphogee products. Countless hair bloggers and You Tubers swear by "routines" and "systems" wrapped around Aphogee for its damaged hair fighting promises. Well, the promise to me made by Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor proved golden.

I put a relaxer in my hair in September. Either, I didn't rinse the relaxer completely out or something but I lost alot of hair in the crown of my head. Plus, I had unbelievable breakage. So, I went on Coarse Hair Diaries message boards with the dilemma and was suggested to use the 2 Minute Constructor after every wash til the hair was restored and get a good trim.

A month later, I had new growth in my crown and all those little bitty breakage hairs were few and far between. I used this every two weeks,twice on that week to combat breakage. I actually use it for 5 mins instead of 2.

It's my little miracle worker...just a bit does alot...




I got tagged by my hair muse...Sunshyne! Here we go!

where is your cell phone? In my my purse.

where is your significant other? Don't have one and LOVE IT.:)

your hair color? Dark Brown

your mother? At work, I think...

your father? In Heaven...RIP Daddy AKA "Grandpa"

your favorite thing? Shopping,Cooking, Hanging out with my boys

your dream last night? Something strange as usual

your dream/goal? To be rich and freaking joke!

the room you're in? Dining Room

your hobby? Reading, blogging,Watching TV,Movies,Cooking

your fear? Roller Coasters,Dying in a Plane Crash,being stalked,getting a speeding ticket, not making no money

where do you want to be in 6 years? Rich,Successful,Happy,Loved,Blessed

where were you last night? On the couch.

what you're not? Skinny,Lazy

one of your wish list items? Clarisonic Facial Brush

where you grew up? Union South Carolina

the last thing you did? Go to Wal-Mart to get the boys some star stickers for their homework project....

what are you wearing? Pink tank top,black jersey knit top, BCBG Velour pants, flats

your tv? Judge Karen...but I'm not watching it

your pet? None.

your computer? Gateway Desktop

your mood? I'm good, blessed!

missing someone? My Aunts Maxine,Mary, and Bonnie. My Daddy Michael, and the boys( even though they are just at school)My girlfriend Gabrielle Deanna James RIP "G-Money"!!

your car? Ummm...1994 Toyota Corolla, but it runs!lol!

something you're not wearing? A coat.

favorite store? Sephora!!!!And Whole Foods

your summer? Working at the Le Lion like a slave....I won't speak on anything else...because I know who's reading this.

love someone? God,My family and kids

your favorite color? Blue...Pink and Green.:)

when is the last time you laughed? This morning at Steve Harvey and Nephew Tommy

last time you cried? Yesterday....*sigh*

are you a bitch? Why yes, you gots to be sometimes! I can not tell a lie... I'm the kind that will set things off in public places, ignore you, cut you off and not think twice about it because my time is valuable. But, God is working on me!! Pray for me!

favorite position? Let's say I enjoy sex.:)

favorite past time? Chilling at the bookstore.

you a hater or a lover? Lover. And when I love...I love hard.

are you genuine or fake? Genuine, to a fault.Because I will be honest and truthful with ya.

any vices? And occasional "square", lots of vino, "cussing", running red lights, taking "advantage" of Fashion Boy and then kicking him!

pro life or wire hanger? Wire Hanger? I'm Pro-Woman. Pro-Choice. It's your life.

mccain or obama? Barack Hussein Obama II

pro plastic or natural? I would love to get my boobs done(multiple children=saggy boobs).lol!

dream job? Head Diva In Charge....really a Beauty Editor.:)

I'm tagging:

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