Mamma need stuff too...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If you are Mother( doesn't matter,kids,dogs,cats...) or just a woman who loves her self and shows it too herself, help me with this...

So today I decided, while walking through Belk Westgate, that I would finally kick the bucket and buy the Lancome Color Design Pop Cherub Palette in Sweetie Pie. I had seen this palette sooooo many times in magazines and even passed by three different Lancome counters AND have picture of it in my LookBook. It's pretty and verstile and not $3, that decided to buy it. I felt no remorse and it ain't gon' back on my life. Matter fact, i washed my brushes tonight so I can freshly use it tomorrow. But the cloud on "buyer's remorse" wants my soul... Why can't Momma look good too? Shoot...Momma gon' look good...just like my Mom...who would hide new stuff she had bought for herself in the trunk of her car( still does...I know you do Ma.)$50, cash, all on a eye shadow palette. Look for a F.O.T.D soon.:)


Product Rave and Review: Luxe Essentials and Keri

Since Miss Kim is on the mad search for the perfect lip gloss, I'm on the crazy search for the perfect body moisturizer. I'm so funny about soft, clear skin. You know how you always see the girl or even know the girl who wardrobe is sick, full of fab shoes and clothes, but she got ashy ankles poking out of those $850 LouBoos? Or she has the most gorgeous, standing appointment every Friday afternoon hair, but can't clear up her acne? OR she is wearing the sweetest Shoshanna sundress and her back is dotted in bacne? Let me stop!!! Well, I might not have the best wardrobe this side of the Highway 49 but my skin is going to seriously fly!!! I got some new reviews on some great products I've been getting to know...

Luxe Essentials Body Butter in Lavender- I adore shea butter, the purer the better. The butter just melts as heats to you skin leaving a great luster. Over a couple uses, I found that its even better warm, let it sit in warm water for like 2-3 minutes( just like I do my Nars Body Glow). It's even better. I have the Lavender which is purest Lavender scent since my Daybreak Farms Lavender. It has a slight after note, I can't call it, but it gives it a great kick. I'm thinking about the Lemongrass Gift Set as part of the Summer arsenal. Upgrade!

Keri Original and Keri Shea Butter Dry Skin Lotion- I couldn't help to flashback on the days on the activity buses as a marching band member, passing the gigantic bottle of Keri around, so the girls of the flute line would not be ashy, just in case we met some boys or sumthin' at the away game...:) Same good moisturizer and now in a Shea Butter Formula that works wonders on the Brown Pecan's "knock'dknees". The boy loves lotion even more he loves to be "lotioned"... he's definitely his father's son.


Grey & Brown...loves it!

I just had to post this after seeing it over @ YBF.I'm not a huge Sanaa Lathan acting fan but she's a pretty girl who just looks kinda like she doesn't have a stylist but knows who to call on for special occasions. I love this grey and brown combo, the how the cut of the neck on the dress is sexy and sweet and THAT know I gets real "right" about a bag!