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Review: Global Goddess i-Divine Eyecolor in Makabari...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I received Global Goddess i-Divine Eye Color in Makabari in my Beauty Fix box. This picture of the eye color is not mine but it is very true what it looks like in true life.

I'm not big on eye color singles...they tend to get lost or forgotten in my stash. I luv trios and palettes!! I almost forgot about this! See, no singles for me.
The Makabari color is a deep mauve sparkles but gives dimension, its definitely not a matte. Very pretty. Reminds me of Fall for some reason but I like it. It went perfect with my MAC Viva Glam VI lip actually looks like VI in but in a shadow.


Shopping My Stash: Ulta Eyeshadow in Wild Flower

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Monday!!

This weekend I unearthed a BRAND NEW Ulta shadow in Wild Flower...Really Jamie? When I find BRAND NEW makeup in my stash, I think..."Why haven't I use this and where was my head when buying it". I feel slightly guilty. I've been struggling for quite some time, and here is a BRAND NEW $7 eyeshadow swimming around in my makeup collection. Infuriated. But I also know that you can't wear ALL your makeup, All the!But, I'll save that for Fatback and Sushi. I must keep it beauty bizness over here:).

This was done on a Saturday like 9:00 am. Don't ask. I was up like I was going!

Shopping My Stash: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mosaic Eye Shadow in Sultry...

Friday, June 26, 2009

First, I want to thank the Lord for my aunt....who's my landlord. She the best landlord/rental company/BFF EVER!!! She is getting my bathrooms renovated!!! Yippeee!!! Normally, I hate house renovations. My mother is obsessed with painting, knocking down walls and ish, so it was a constant thing when I lived with her.

But those bathrooms are looking GREAT so far! I had to clean ALL my stuff out of BOTH bathrooms and store it in the guest room. While cleaning, I found this quad, Very Sexy Mosaic Trio in Sultry. This must have been part of a gift with purchase because it's smaller than normal ones I've seen...

The pigment is super light. I was building and building and building for this color. My look isn't even EVEN! Though it might look like a good grey smokey eye prospect...its going in the trash.

I created some nude lips with a Styli-Styli soon:)

Shopping My Stash: Wet N' Wild Silk Finish Blush in Threesome Triade...

I picked this Wet N' Wild Silk Finish Blush in Threesome Triade up at "Eckerdz"...I mean Rite Aid( I can't stop calling it that!!) on the clearance shelf...It had been kicking around in the blush/bronzer drawer for a couple weeks.

Honestly, I'm scared of blush. I put it on, smiling so it hits the apples of the cheeks, then when I'm not smiling, it looks like splotches of color on my angle-less,round face...
Its really pretty...I have alot of blush, high end and low end...I should do SMS posts for a week on just...blush.

So....I did the pink color on the apples and highlighted the upper part of the cheeks toward the under eye. I love it...not application but the blush. They must be discontinuing it...its on sale at CVS( my mother calls CVS "Revco"...remember "Phar-Mor"?lol!). But with practice come least in makeup.:)

Goodwill Beauty Goodies....

I popped into the Goodwill yesterday and fell upon a basket of makeup that included these two goodies...:)

-Bourjois Eye Shadow Trio, gently used
-Smashbox Gel Liner Duo- brand new( but didn't have a name on the bottom)

They were a $1.00 a piece.

Rural Glamour Weekend...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Monday!!

This weekend was nothing big. As you can see, I'm still rocking the messy, curly fro...
But Saturday, I blow dried it out and flat ironed it to see if I had retained any length. I'm at 9 weeks post going into ten. I trimmed before the last relaxer. To my surprise, I did keep some length!! I don't directly blow dry my hair. Only hooded dryer and air-dry. I didn't do any heat since the last relaxer day til' Saturday. My hair is super thick all the way down to the root. I'm so happy! Look!! In the back, its shoulder length. I haven't been that long since I was pregnant.

My mom gifted me with some Always Infinity Maxi Pads that she found at a salvage grocery store .10 a piece. She got me 30...Thank God for frugal Moms!

Check it out!! You just don't know my happiness.....:)

Tried these Edy's Maxx Ice Cream...Skipped them if you don't like alot going on in you ice cream. They wayyyyy too much for me.

Rural Glamour: Beauty Samples....For Free:)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi Peeps!

I just wanted to share with you a little free HAUL of sorts. In the last two weeks I have recieved a couple of samples that I signed up for online( styleforfree, Wal-Mart, Sweeties Swag...). Now, the catch is that you have to WAIT, like a couple of weeks, for your goodies.

I got some hair samples, body and toothpaste above...

I got this yesterday from Allure magazine.

My favorite site is Style For Free. Another tip is to visit EVERYDAY. Things get updated.:)

I also sign up for free food, home and kids stuff and update that on Fatback and Sushi.


Shopping My Stash:Loreal Colour Juice vs.Wanting MAC Naked Honey Lipglasses...

Monday, June 15, 2009

I want those MAC Naked Honey Lipglasses...geez. I haven't even seen them in person but the raves about them plus the swatches on Temptalia have me wanting them... but a $14 lipgloss, that I already have similiar dupes to, is not sensible!! IF I did have that extra change to throw around, I doubt I would. I'm not knocking anyone else's monetary habits but the lessons learned in poverty have been the greatest blessing to me!!

I dug around in my stash and found these L'Oreal Colour Juices in a array of shades similiar to the what I saw in Naked Honey. I think I might have hit the nail on the head for some of them!!!

Here are my swatches and the names of the shades in order: Twilight Pink, Amber Dust, Rays of Copper, Sunkissed Sienna, Caramel Creme and Mandarin. The first four are from a L'Oreal collection that they do every summer called Bronze Glow. They are from 2008. Caramel Creme, you can buy at any drugstore, and Mandarin was a LE Colour Juice that's amazing!

Rural Glamour Weekend...

Happy Monday!!

So here are the beauty happenings of the weekend!:

I got my BeautyFix box that I won via a giveaway from BlackVixenBeauty....

Here are the goodies...I was playing all weekend long! I will probably review some of it:)
Won this contest:) I found it on one of those promotion pages in July 2009 Lucky Magazine....Its for a Wet N' Wild package worth $50( which has got to be ALOT of WnW lol!) All I did was take a picture of a display of the glosses on my phone, text it in and they sent my a text saying I won. Then I had to text my info and stuff. Those 'beauty promotions' work...Remember?
Been sporting this wild,fluffy, curly, faux afro hair for about two weeks. I'm 9 weeks post and my buns look rough with all that new grow so I switched to this...

Sunday, Spencie made me a necklace out of green construction paper...Amazing isn't? Lol!! Very avant-garde in the length.:)


The HLMN Weekend Round-Up....

Friday, June 12, 2009

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Find Beyonce's colorful gladiator sandals at The Cheap Chica.

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For more information on The HLMN or on becoming an affiliate please visit our website.

RG Project: Lancome Juicy Tubes in Plum Freeze...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi All!! I got this Lancome Juicy Tubes in Plum Freeze at Marshalls for 2.00. Deal, uh? lol!!! Our Marshalls is starting to suck since we got a new and remodeled TJ Maxx across town.

Plum Freeze is a gorgeous color..I've been wearing it for the last couple of days. I forgot how great Juicy Tubes can be...I think I'm going to dig thru my lip gloss stash to see how many I have.

Rural Glamour Weekend....06.06.08-06.07.09

Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

I revisited my Tarte Spring Greening Palette this weekend....but before I tell you about that....
I CAN NOT GET THIS BRUSH SET OFF MY MIND!!! The kabuki brush is $12.99 and...

this set is 19.99. So I need $32.00. plus tax. I was up in Target talking about, "Lord, I just need $34.00!!" LOL! Its the Sonia Kashuk Coral Reef Collection. I have some her brushes and they are nice. Really, I don't need any brushes, I just LOVE the design of them. I have some gold brushes of hers from three Christmas' ago that are beautiful...sigh!!

Ok....I revisited my Tarte Spring Greening Palette...and the colors seemed way more vibrant than the first time I did a look with it.

I've been carrying this bag I got at Old Navy for $10.00 for the last couple of days and love it!! I holds alot and surprisingly I can find all my stuff in it even though it looks like a big ole scarf.:)

Free HydroPeptide Lash Revitalizer!!!!

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Buy HydroPeptide Complete Eye and lash Restoration Kit


Shopping My Stash: Revlon Matte Eye Shadow in Venetian Blue...

Friday, June 05, 2009

I've had this Revlon Matte e/s in Venetian Blue FOREVER. I didn't know how to work it, still don't. lol! But last night, I just put on the lid, added some black eyeliner and mascara....

And I love it!! I once watched a You Tube where a girl was like she didn't like it because it wasn't pigmented enough...

What in the hell was she talking about? Seriously, this is one coat of eye shadow. I didn't build that intensity!!

Review:Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat....

Thursday, June 04, 2009

From the time I heard Traycee of K.I.S.S. talk about Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat on one her You Tube videos I was destined to try it. But, every time I see it in a store, whether its CVS or Trade Secret or Ulta, it ranges in price between 16.00-25.00! Well, The Good Lord above led me to Ulta where they sell a 1.7 ounce travel size that was 4.00. Thank You Jesus!!! Lol!

Initially, I thought that I would use that 1.7 tube up in a two maybe three applications. But, I found it you don’t need that much for short hair like mine and it’s not a slathered-on deep conditioner. Its like a light lotion for your hair. I tested it with shower cap and 15 min under the dryer and shower cap and no dryer…same results of soft hair that lasted long after washing it out and drying the hair. I love that it takes only a dollop and no heat to get what I’ve been getting with a tub of deep conditioner and 20 mins under the dryer. I’m definitely putting my pennies aside for a full tube. I’ve figured that if I buy it at CVS it will go toward my Extra bucks or buy it at Trade Secrets and it goes toward my TS Beauty Points and coupons.


Victoria's Secret's Mini Haul....

Do you know that Victoria's Secret is revamping the Very Sexy Makeup Line( Again...*side-eye*) and all of it is 75% off?

I came across a old old OLD 'merchandise certificate' from Victoria's Secret while cleaning a lock box out. I call the store and spoke with a manager who said they would take it. And they did! All 14.78 worth....
I picked up eye shadows in Primal and Vice, lip gloss in Juicy Acai and lipstick in Beg Me.

Juicy Acai (top) and Beg Me (bottom)...

Primal (top) and Vice( bottom)....
My VS didn't have much left. Some wack foundations and testers....Did anyone get anything? And when is their semi-annual sale in beauty start? They had sale stuff in lingerie part already...