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Review:Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in Extreme Black...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Here's another great mascara that I can't get enough of!!! Rimmel Sexy Curves in Extreme Black impressed me for real! Here's why:

-It made my lashes slightly "curvier".
-It also made good on the promise of "fullness" and "volume"
-I like that "silicone/rubber" brush
-handle not to long or short.It felt good and was easy to grab those inner lashes with ease( because of the 1st round bulb-like shape on the brush)
-light mascara formula, great for building coats on the lashes and not getting clumpy in the process.




N.O.T.D.: N.Y.C. Molten Metal

Good Morning!!!
Yesterday I was confined the comforts of home due to Baby Kel having tonsillitis. So we went NOWHERE.I stayed in my pjs ALL DAY.I literally don't think I've EVER done that!! I'm so serious...
I did get around to manicure on Saturday night with NYC's Molten Metal. I don't know...It looks "murky" on me. Very unfinished-like.I kept thinking I need another coat, even after two coats. I thought about sending this my great aunt who wears metallics like this...
Looks alot better on Kia than me...:)