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Edkerd and Walgreens haul of the day!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Scent of the day!
Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Body Cream + Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

I went to Edkerd and Walgreens while in Spartanburg today. Edkerd had tons news color stories from different companies. My fav was Loreal's new sheer Colour Juices. I didn't get any because i'm going to wait for a BOGO sale.Plus this Edkerd had tons of the elusive Loreal Front Page Peach from the Photomagique line 2006 which suppose to be the best dupe of Nars Orgasm. My haul from Edkerd was:

NYC Cheek to Cheek Bronzing Powder in Jamacica me crazy(a matte bronze/shimmery dark mauve pink)( part of their new summer color story)

NYC Eye to Eye in Life's a beach( shimmery pink color and pinky brown shimmery color) and Shore Thing( cooper shimmer/mint green shimmer)( new to the line too!)

Milani Glossy Tubes in Dreamy Glow

Walgreens had the complete line of the Loreal Bronze Glow which they have done for the last two years just with different colors of the summer bronzy pallette. I got:

L'Oreal Jet Shine in Pink Sand
L'Oreal Colour Juice in Twilight Pink
Wet and Wild Blush Stick in 726

I plan on going back to get more of the Bronze Glow. I collect Colour Juices and I'm a sucker for a color story! Hope you all run into this cute things soon!!!


mark's baby girl

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One of my fav places in my hometown is a place called Linda's Avon. Now she sells more than just Avon. She got peaches,cigarettes,clothes,and everything that Avon carries including the wonderlustful mark.:) mark is such great line full of quality and good prices. I like their glow baby glow l/gs,skin care line and the Body Squad line which has my ultimate summer staple of Bacne Acne Treatment Spray. I just recieved the new mark magalog with the summer stuff like the scent Instant Vacation. My planned hauled includes:

Aloha Glow Face and Body
Glow Baby Glow Luxe in Gold Luxe and Copper Luxe
Instant Vacation Desert Island Stick in St. Tropez
Ibiza Glow Earrings in Silvertone and Goldtone
Instant Vacation in Pre Tanning Scrub
Instant Vacation Bronzing Gel

Now the website( as of 4/25) doesn't have these things up yet but if you can get a hold of a Mark or avon rep,they can give you the magalog that has these items.keep checking the sitefor updated products.

love ya,


77 degrees

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yep.It's 77 degrees in April here in the SC and I am not looking forward to the hot ass summer ahead. Mainly because I have had the a/c in my 1994 Toyota Corolla fixed twice and it's still half ass working. I'm about to go and but me one of those $12,000 Scions at Dave Edwards Toyota. I know the a/c works in those.

Today i'm wearing Nivea Body Creme and Unforgiveable by Sean Combs. His cologne actually has a very sweet powdery underscent fit for a woman. I love it. My aunt who works at Belk gave me some samples and I'm going to get a bottle. For Real!

I tried the McDonald's New Asian Salad today. I actually wanted it because it comes with a yoga DVD but our Mickey D's won't have the DVD til the 25th. I'll be back on the 25th:). The salad is actually very good with crisp romaine and radicchio lettuce, snow peas and edamame, orange glazed chicken that's warmed and spicy( maybe a lil' too spicy) ginger dressing. I would suggest not so many edamame and tone down the dressing and it's cool. I really liked it though. I'm big on salad.

I placed a Sephora order last night.I needed it. My boys have had a stomach virus since last saturday so I needed a retail pick me up! I got Carol's Daughter Esctacy Eau de toilette and Smashbox Lip Exfoilant. I really miss the Sephora store in SouthPark. They knew me by name:)

Well, I off to CVS and work.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Life.Is there really a time when you think your life is really going well?Well,If you got anxiety and previous depression problems like me it seems that it never will regardless of that which is good is going on. My anxiety is somewhat ridiculous but not an everyday occurance. And I'm always on the contast battle to fight getting depressed again. somedays I feel that dark cloud of overwhelming sadness come over me. When I do I reach for list of things to conquer so I can see the sun again. I literally have list from change toenail polish to go get aMCD's Yogurt Parfait to pop in a Madea play DVD.I'm one of these woman,unfortunately that doesn't want people to know i'm down or things are going on so tend hide it behind clothes and smile. But it doesn't work any more. I know God thinks I lot of me becauseI'm constantly walking through some storm. So if you see me in a full face of makeup, with a over the top outfit and high pitched voice, I ain't okay. Help me.:)

Union's Next Top Model!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Yep,that's me. One of my favorite little boutique's in my hometown( well,my only boutique i like) asked me to model in there Wednesday's ad that they put in the paper. The owner,Ms.Sherry, sells great bags, shoes, accessories, clothes, and home stuff for crack head prices. I've told her if she was in a bigger city she would be sold out in hours. I mean $15 steve maddens, $25 Bebe purses, Banana Republic shirts, tons of trendy jewerly. But some folks thinks she's high. I drop at least $100 every two weeks. People around here think your rich. I got Coach wristlets that cost more than that. But I love her "little city in of field". I'll try to get some pictures of the store for you all later. Ain't I cute!



Things About me...

Friday, April 07, 2006

-I have a half sister but we are both only children
-I have set of fraternal twin boys.
-They have eight teeth a piece
-That doesn't stop them from eating cornbread
-i own like 80 fragrances
-I wear white tanks under everything
-I miss my friends alot
-But I if spend too much time with them I don't miss them.
-I have the Woods curse ( big hips, small waist)
-I have the Simuel curse( big boobs after having kids)
-My favorite colors are blue and white but NOT together!
-My favorite designer is Tracy Reese
-I own abt 70 books on Beauty and Fashion
-I've won a Lucky Magazine Lucky Breaks
-I majored in History and double minored in Policial Science and African American Studies
-I'm proud of my education
-Love Ballad by LTD in my favorite song
-I own like 100 lip glosses
-Most them are the same color( some color of pink or bronzy brown)
-I win something on Ebay at least once a week
-Ebay,Starbucks and are my addictions
-I miss my Granny soooooo much!
-My kids father is one of my best friends but he is not be trusted.
-I hate getting my hair,nails done,waxed or anything i can do my self and not pay someone.
-I wish i had eyelashes like my youngest twin "Brownie" AKA Kelton
-I'm complusive abt the clarity and smoothness of my skin( face and body)
-I'm a product JUNKIE(thought you knew!)