The Best Sequel Coming....

Friday, August 01, 2008

When I opened up my new Lucky to see that they have made a sequel to the best style book on the planet( in my opinion...) I had chills! It comes out October 7, but you can pre-order it now@ Amazon.



Spotted: Jesse's Girl Baked Shadows...

Spotted these in Rite-Aid. Anybody used them?

Blue Shine...

You beauty addicts know how it goes. You see this perfect product that you must have in magazine or on a blog or on the girls are talking about it on the MUA and its a drugstore jewel. You must have it by any means...including trekking to every CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, etc til you FINALLY give up.

Well, I had given up on this Cover Girl Amaze Mint Lip Gloss in Happy Hour. It was the only one in the collection that I wanted and no drugstore had it within my area. So, yesterday I went to the CVS on Union St. in the 'Burg looking for that Borghese Perfecto Smudge Smoother that Glam-Ma Tia Williams raved about and happened to scan the Cover Girl and there it was... that blue lipgloss.

It suppose to be Cover Girl's answer to BeneFit's California Kissin'. I saw this when I scooted by Columbiana Mall's BeneFit Counter on my way to Charleston a minute ago and the SA pitched the plan...

"apply over your lipstick or any, any lipgloss and it will make your teeth brighter and the helps you keep you breath fresh too..."

Eh, I wasn't going to part $16 bones for it but thank you Lord for dupes.:)