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Jamie's Weight Loss Diaries.... #1

Thursday, January 27, 2011

On December 30, 2010, I started  my lifestyle change/ weight loss challenge.

The goal: -40lbs by December 30, 2011 then -40 lbs by December 11, 2012, 80 lbs in all.

I wasn't going to blog about it here, instead just post updates on twitter. Why? I didn't want to held accountable to my readers/family if I slipped up or become a "weight loss blogger /expert" because I'm not. But, God has a way of making you do things you dont want to. Today, I was going to load a You Tube video but I lost the SD card that the video was on. That was my planned post today, so when I lost it, I didnt have anything to post.  I decided to weight in and I have lost more 2lbs. I get it God.....reveal the weight loss journey that you are on that I have bless you to be so far successful at!

So instead of boring you with long paragraphs...I will give you some quick facts about me,  my fat,  my weight loss and where I want to be!:

-This the 3rd time in my life, I've been focused on weight loss.

-I'm doing it on a budget. I can't afford trainers, weight loss programs, new expensive equipment, gym memberships...none of that. Just some good ol' research is what's going to get me through. My goal is to prove I didnt have to go even broker than I am to lose weight.

-On December 30, 2010, I weighed 239 lbs.

-My goal is 80lbs in two years, that will put me at the weight I was after I had my children.

-I weigh in on Thursdays. So stand by for the weight lost post on that day

- I bought my first scale ever own December 31, 2010.

-I'm a emotional eater. My life as whole in the last six years is how I got here.

-I'm inspired my Natural hair journey ( now 1 yr and two months).. if I can do this with my hair and can lose the weight too!

 Weigh Loss Diaries Timeline:

12/30/10- 239 lbs
1/6/11-234 lbs
1/13/11-231 lbs
1/20/11-230 lbs
1/27/11-228 lbs

Down 11 lbs in  less than 30 days...and can't turn back now!!! No ma'am!!! LOL!!

I will try to explain what I'm doing that's helping. Its not complex. I just sat down and wrote all the things that I know are trouble foods for me....and I avoid them. lol!

I also keep a Food Journal. I write down everything last thing I eat.

I plan my meals for the day. I cook almost everything I eat, due to the fact I can't afford to eat out. *shrugs*

Working out...I hate working out. So I do the absolutely minimum....I'll share that later.

So now I will post some before kids and now pictures. I dont blame my kids on my weight gain. Matter fact, I didnt gain a pound pregnant. I lost 25lbs pregnant with the twins. I was sick and high risk. The weight came after them and it came fast.

 1999. My Senior Year in College...I dont know how much I weighed due to the years I avoided owning a scale. But, I do remember those jeans, I still own them and they are a size 14. I also could wear a belt back then. I size fluctuated between a 10-14 in those four years. I didnt diet in college.
 1999. My sorority's Scholarship ball. This was a Jessica McClintock dress in size 10. I donated it years ago but remember the size and buying it with my mom.
 2000. My university's homecoming and I was probably a size 12. That top was a Express Top and it was a Large. I haven't worn Express in 6 years.
 Me now. This is me Thanksgiving with the family. My cousin took these pictures....and of course put them on Facebook. LOL! But that's was revealing to say the least. I saw what I fully looked like in pictures. I really didnt realize how big I was....
 Thanksgiving again...I'm only 5'0. I look like the biggest person in the picture. ( those other folks are Li'l Derek, Amari, and my Aunt Pat:))
Christmas 2011 with my cousins....That picture was it for me...I needed to get the weight off.

Stay tuned for the Thursday's weight in post and anything else I can think of.:)