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~Swatches +Looks~ Ulta Film Noir 12pc Collection.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hey Everyone!!

I've always been on the fence when it comes to Ulta's store brand products and makeup. Some of it is hit or miss, especially the makeup. Before Ulta moved closer to me in distance, I only had a couple of pieces of their makeup: eye shadows and polish purchased years ago. Now, I see that they have expanded tremendously: skincare, professional makeup line, palettes, etc. I'm ready to dive in and try out everything, with coupons of course:)

I picked up Ulta Film Noir 12pc Collection for $12.99 with 20% off coupon.

 Vintage Hollywood glamour goes to the dark side with smoldering smoky eyes with this palette by ULTA. 

With the Film Noir collection, smoky eyes can be created using traditional colors or by using blackened greens, browns purples and blues.  Collection includes 9 eye shadows, 1 cheek color, 1 lip gloss, mini eye li2waqner and applicators.  Tutorials for how to get the look included.

 First things that struck me about them was the setup of the palette. They look like old Urban Decay palettes, with the rectangular shadows and the name printed below.

The colors are (left to right):
Top Row: Silk, After Hours, Gold Leaf
Middle Row: Gold Dust, Sin City, Firework
Last Row: Glamazon, Toast, Sapphire

 First Look: I went straight to the neutrals! I used Toast, Gold Dust and Gold Leaf. As I was applying them, I thought that the colors were not pigmented enough for my taste. However, the shadows photograph beautifully.
 Second Look: I went for a look in my college alumni colors, garnet and gold by using Firework, Toast and After Hours.
 Third Look: I wanted smoky and sultry so I used Firework, Sapphire, and Toast. Sapphire is a banger...dark blue with lots pigmentation.


The colors are gorgeous and the palette is go to for a smoky eye look when you don't want to dig up all the colors in different palettes and single shades. I would have loved to see a black shade in this palette. I mean what is a smoky eye palette with out a black shadow? The closest shade to black in Sin City, a dark green blue shade.

I haven't even touched the blush or the gloss or the liner. Hilarious. I was eagle eyed on those shadows, girl!

Do you own Ulta Film Noir? Let me know?