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Decisions, Decisions...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So...I'm sitting here at the computer contemplating lunch, going to Wal-Hell for the new Keyshia Cole, how I'm going to get to Woodruff tomorrow, and what I'm going to do Thursday on my day off...

Too much to think about...

Well, Lunch, I'll figure that out.

Why is Wal-Mart to ONLY place in Union to buy CDs? Isn't that ridiculous? Plus this morning they played snippets of K.Cole's album on Power 98 and some women called in talking about, "Why she always talking about some dude doing her wrong" and "She need to get some new material like some dance tracks". The DJs were like..."Those are married fans right there, acting like they ain't never been single!" Listen, Mary J.Blige, who Keyshia is often compared to, first three to four albums were those heartbreak albums, and no one was bitching. I don't like when folk talk smack about Keysh man!

I know how to get to Woodruff but I don't. I going for work but I can't get lost because its a backwoods road drive.

Thursday. I've some options. Get up early and go see my homegirl Gab in Charlotte. But I know I can't do one-day trip to QC because I got too many places to go. Then I was going see what my homie/cuzin/soror T.Hall was doing to Columbia( Ooops...Cuzin's going on vacay). Hell, I don't want drive either place. Option 3, hit Greenville to go to Haywood Mall. Still don't want to drive and but don't want to stay at home.

The life of a Libra...indecisive.
To all of you fantastic people who left birthday wishes and encouragement and prayer for the blog...Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I'm going to try and hang in there, the blogsphere that is.:) Be Good!!