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~Swatches and First Impressions~ Kleancolor Femme Lipstick....Part 2....

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I spotted these Kleancolor Femme Lipsticks at my beauty supply store and I was really surprised to see them there. Neither one of my BSS' update the Kleancolor makeup. lol! I had previously swatched and reviewed two sets of Kleancolor Femme Lipsticks. There were the bright primary/Secret Kisses/ Ka' Oir-ish colors. Here is the LINK to check those out!!

 There were six colors available. I got six colors then went back and got more colors for friends as gifts. :)
 The Names: #1 Tea Rose, #2 Pink, #3 Georgia, #4 Radiant Red, #5 Garnet and #6 Fiesta.....

The swatches start in order from the bottom....#1 Tea Rose is first and go up.......

First( or Second, since it's the 2nd set of lipsticks) Impressions:

-The smell is still fruity and INSANELY STRONG. OMG. Seriously, you know a lipstick scent is strong when you can smell it in your mouth and down your throat.  smh
-The formula is the same as the first Femme lipsticks I reviewed. The color is builable, very greasy like a balm but not a balm.
-These were a $1 at my BSS, so know crazy loss here. I'm going to try and wear these because I love the colors. 

Don't act like you haven't wore a trifling makeup product because you refuse to give up on it!!