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Sunday, January 02, 2011

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2011 Beauty Resolutions and Reflecting on 2010 Beauty Resolutions!!

Its that time of year of again for my Beauty Resolutions of 2011...I've made these ( and some included fashion resolutions) since 2007 and I can't tell you how fun it is to think and reflect on how much more 'beautiful' you can become over a year with the resolutions. Plus, they are wayyyy easier to meet than regular ol' resolutions.

Last year, I made these resolutions and this video. O_O at the video. smh...

1) Make more beauty related videos for Rural Glamour. I'll be talking about all kinda stuff! No tutorials. I'm not the biz with that. Plus I need find another place in my house to do videos because the acoustics in my bathroom suck. ---FAIL. smh. No Excuse for it either, straight lazy.

2)Be better about my skincare. ---Found my holy grail cleanser and moisterizer!!YAY!!

3) Stay natural for a year.--Done!!! So sweet!

4) Expand my fragrance tastes and senses.-- I did this!! I tried and bought fragrances I would never thought of before. Ex: Faith Hill perfume

5) Have a wig wardrobe -  Done!!I had at one point about 7 wigs...then I narrowed that down to 2, now 1.

6)Apply false lashes. --Done!!!

Check it out...lashes...I went thru many many many pairs of cheap lashes to get it right. Now its easy.:)

2011 Beauty Resolutions are going to be just as fun with no video...LOL.

1) Find a perfect Gold nail polish...this is so hard for me! Some of them are very yellow and dont look good on my hands. Plus, it needs to be less than $8. #shade

2) No brow razoring- This a lazy habit of mine. I admit it and I just butcher my brows with one of those straight razors from  the BSS, then I spend months trying grow them back! I would like to have all of brow hair as I get older. lol!

3)Start a Ayurvedic regimen for my hair

4)Full Chin Length hair by my 2 year Nappiversary.- I'm bottom of my neck length in the back and cheek length in front. I can do it!!

5)Work on picking the perfect lashes- I have a huge problem with getting demi lashes ( they dont fit) or getting a lash that's too big for the look. Makeup by Ren Ren has a great video on this that I need to watch again.

6)Washing my makeup brushes more.

7)Keeping nails healthy and playing with nail designs ( again, this was resolution in 2008. lol).

What are your Beauty Resolutions? Let me know in the comments or if you have a post about it...I'll put on Rural Glamour!!

Fresh Coat: New Years Mani...Kleancolor 24 Karat and Kleancolor Black....

 Happy New Year my dear Family!!! Its so good to see 2011 because 2010 was beating me DOWN. I have so much hope for this year.

This was my NYE mani....Kleancolor 24 Karat and Kleancolor Black....I was inspired to do the gradual glitter sprinkle again by Queenof Blending on You Tube.

24Karat has these pretty pieces of holographic diamond shapes inside and they actually come up and out on the brush. I love these Kleancolor glitters!