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My beauty life in pictures....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My mother, who is busy remodeling her house, for like the 20th time, found this behind the bathtub in my old bathroom. And its all kinda good stuff in there like mark. skincare they don't do any more.
I pick these up at the Green Salvage for tonight's pedicure. Creative Spa Raw Earth scrub, foot cream and mud mask for 2.00 a piece with the 13.95 Trade Secrets Salon tags still intact on them.
Here's my late ass Friday Five Plus One, minus one:):

Johnson and Johnson Baby Lotion: I love to layer perfumes with this in the summer

Essence of Beauty Eye Makeup Remover: I found 5 bottles of this that I had gotten at CVS for a .25 a piece. They still make it though.

Pure Grace: I love Pure Grace and I found a Pure Grace Perfume solid in my stuff too.

WnW Mega Pump Highlighter: I used this one morning when my skin looked like a slept on the couch...which I had, but only that night.

L'Oreal lipstick in LE Target Red: I wore this the 4th the July. I like the red but its way too shiny and glossy for me. I need a matte red.


Congratulations to the new Miss South Carolina!!

I'm admit that I'm former pageant girl. I love it as much as Friday Night Football. So I had to post a big "Go Get It Girl!" to Crystal Garrett, the newly crowned Miss South Carolina. And as you notice she's a black girl repping South Carolina. Only one other sista did that, Kimberly Aiken Cockerham back in 1994 and won crowned Miss America. I hope this chica knows she is part of some serious history down here. So, Crystal, go get that crown, mama!