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L.A. Colors 30 Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Back To Basics........

Friday, January 24, 2014

Disclosure: All products were purchased by me.

Hey Everybody!

Yeah, I'm pretty palette crazy as of late. lol! I got this L.A. Colors 30 Eyeshadow Palette in Back To Basics from a Rite Aid display for $4.99. There is another palette in this collection as well but it has more bright colors.

 30 shadows, all shimmers. Some of the more glittery ones have a overlay of shimmer and glitter than it goes back to a shimmers or a more of satin texture.

 The shadow is very soft in texture too, so fallout is to be expected. A good base helps that out a little bit.
 I played with the the purples, lavenders, silvers and blacks for this look.


This palette is visually gorgeous with all the beautiful neutrals and pops of color. But, there is a problem. The shadows are so soft that they can over blended really easily and then your eye look looks muddled. I found this to be true of the darker shadows: the black, the burgandy, the wine, and the browns are pigmented but the too much blending and they disappear. Not even too much blending but just blending and next thing you know the color is gone out of your crease. But let's be real, at $4.99, this is what you get in quality. My suggestion if you pick this up is to mix and match it with other palettes for a complete look and not use the whole palette for a whole eye look. Plus base your lid really good, as well.