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~Rural Style~ Things That Make Me Wanna Go Thrifting.....Soul Train Flashbacks!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I didn't get out to go thrifting this weekend...I did however go to my hometown's HS stadium big yard sale, which was so-so. Jody Watley...yes THE Jody Watley, posted on Facebook this first video and my soul went bananas!!! Now I want to thrift for some wool culottes!!

All kept thinking during this video was..." I wonder where all that great clothing is now?" I think the same thing when I watch Willona on Good Times...I bet that studio had clothes for her FOR DAYSSSSSSS.....

Then I watched this one, PYT by Michael Jackson from the early 80s....My uncles' girlfriends dressed like these women, slinky, tight, and ready. LOL!

Then, the late 80s'...which I thought this Karen White song was maybe 1990 but its 1988. BodyCon dresses to the high heavens on this one....Half of those women can't even move in those dresses. If I find one in a thrift store....I'M BUYING IT.:)

Early 80s...when I was sitting in front of a floor model TV my Dad bought brand new and didn't tell my mom...on Saturday afternoon.:)

What A Trip!!! LOL!