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Pin Of The Week: The 5 Piece French Wardrobe Basics List.....

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I've always been obsessed with the basics of a wardrobe list starting with the Color Me Beautiful book I used to check out all the time at the local library when I was little girl. It wasn't until I worked for Ann Taylor in the early 2000s that a lot of the pieces on this list made perfect sense! I was in my  20s and had tons of throw away, trendy, HOOCHIE MAMA clothes and I was working at the store that I was sell a $400 black suit several times a week! Plus, I had to tone it WAYYYY down to dress for work. Buying the basics like a black cardigan, a black blazer, a white button up, black pumps then mixing and matching with accessories and some of leftover clothes really help me pull it together day after day.

After I became a mommy, my lifestyle and my job situation changed drastically and I found myself with actually very little clothing. Me, the "fashion diva" with very little clothing. But, I worked at two places that I wore an uniform and I was at home a lot with the boys, what did I need with a new pair of black stilettos for? Now it's time to build the basics back up, not for anyone else, but for ME. It's sort of difficult to shop for me, that damn mommy guilt.But if I don't look good, I don't feel good and a bad feeling mommy is not a conducive mommy! lol!

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I'm like the guy who never leaves Starbucks, just drinking coffee refills all day and using the Free WiFi, over there.:) I'm holding down the fort!

A Fresh Coat of Polish: Rimmel Pro in Balmy Blue.....

Hey Everyone!!

I wore another one the Rimmel Pro polishes in Balmy Blue last week. I can safely say that the formula and quality of those polishes are some of the best in the drugstore. The quality is OPI quality and I'm so serious about that. OPI polish loves my nails but not my pockets. I still have several old OPIs because I've only wore a $8 polish once and I refuse to throw it away.

But at $3, I must go and get a couple more Rimmel Pro colors. But trust, I'll be wearing a $3 polish more than once. The principle is the same for me.