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Weekend Rantings and Ravings...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bullets and more bullets...

-I'm training for job across from SRMC( Spartanburg Regional Medical Center) and I see so many medical workers each day, with those cute scrubs on. I think scrubs are so cute, I wish I could stand to be in a hospital or health care so I can wear them. They look so comfy. Scrubs even make those horrid Crocs shoes look good.

-I'm wearing Burberry Weekend Women today. I always thought it smelled like the Burberry Weekend for Men. Plaintiff used to wear it and tell me that I smell like him. I still want the Burberry Summer. I smelled that one day in Dillards. Do you know I have not had new fragrance ALL SUMMER?

-Have ya'll heard that Jane Magazine is going under?

-I need a trip to B&N for some heavy magazine reading...

-Why did my kids remind me to put "hair grease" on their hair on Friday morning?

-I'm going to stop eating after 9, because it gives me nightmares. Or maybe I need to stop sleeping on the couch.

-I'm in a beauty/fashion depression. How am I going to afford everything I want for the Fall?


Super Rave!: Nubar Support The Cure...

Recently I found out that a very close girlfriend, Gabrielle, of mine who is only 31 years old was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 2 progressive Cancer. It grounded me for a couple of days. My father passed away from Colorectical cancer and now a friend is sick. She reassured me that if she has fought any fight this is her Heavyweight Champion fight and she wasn't giving up for anything. The folks over at Nubar asked me to review their new Support The Cure Collection for aiding cancer research and helping those fighting for there lives against cancer. The kit includes:

Pink Cami


Foundation Base Coat

Diamont Seal and Shine

Nubar's products are also Formaldehyde-free,Toluene-Free, and DBP-free and not tested on animals. The pic up top is my hand with Pink Cami( two coats), Je'Taime ( one coat) Foundation( one coat), and Diamont Seal and Shine( one coat).